KCRW Broadcast 174



It’s another Saturday night of great music! Sadly, we lost the great John Lord of Deep Purple recently, so we will start out tonight’s show with some prime DP. I don’t know if you ever saw them play. I saw them twice and they were excellent live.


If you notice, we have all kinds of new music in our two hours of unlimited joy. We are doing our best to keep exploring and widening the scope and not merely just hurl in any new release that gets sent in. These selections are indeed handpicked and agonized over, drafted, redrafted and well considered. You deserve nothing less!


I am really liking the Jaill album. I had never heard of them before. Another sturdy release for Sub Pop. I know the Eddy Current album isn’t all that new and we have been playing a lot of Australian music lately but I can’t stop listening to this album. If you get a chance, pick this one up on LP, it’s really the way to rock this band! The Black Tambourine double 7” is interesting. The band has reformed, at least to go into the studio for of all things, to record four Ramones covers. We play one of them tonight. It would be great to hear some new songs from this band! for more info: http://www.slumberlandrecords.com/catalog/show/220


Look at all the cool strangeness we get up to in our second hour! A lot of Scandinavian jams happening here. This has been my nightly listening fare as of late. There is a very cool scene in Finland. I had an inkling of it but a few months ago, when I was there, I really got it and since then, it’s been full on immersion. So, get ready for more of that stuff. I think you’re going to like it.


Upcoming, we have some great shows lined up as we start to say goodbye to summer. While It’s hot, we shall continue to make set lists that are good for the heightened temperatures.


Lean into the speakers with us tonight, click with the language and STAY FANATIC!!! 





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Hour 1

01. Deep Purple - Black Night / In Rock

02. Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s – Backstabbers / Food For Funk

03. Thug - Dave's Back From Outer Space / Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way

04. The Fall - I'm Going to Spain / The Infotainment Scan

05. Jaill - Million Times / Traps

06. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - I Admit My Faults / Primary Colours

07. Roky Erickson - I'm A Demon / Gremlins Have Pictures

08. Bootsy Collins - Mug Push / Back In The Day: The Best Of

09. High Rise – T.F.B / Tokyo Flashback 2

10. Karthala 72 – Delores / Electric Cowbell Fall 2011 Releases

11. Husky - Hundred Dollar Suit / Forever So

12. Black Tambourine - I Want You Around / OneTwoThreeFour

13. Manu Chao - Me Llaman Calle / La Radiolina

14. Patti Smith – Redondo Beach / Horses


Hour 2

01. My Cat Is An Alien - 2nd Movement /  Landscapes Of An Electric City

02. Magic Carpathians Project – Fishyfish / Euscorpius Carpathicus

03. Æthenor – Untitled / Deep In Ocean Sunk The Lamp Of Light

04. The Final - Dead Air / Dead Air

05. Avarus- Mars On Paljastanut Salaisuutensa / Horuksen Keskimmäisen Silmän Mysteerikoulu

06. Kobi - Before When They Were Just Ovals They Didn't Stick Out / Acousticks

07. Gentle - Done + Awesome / Jupiter Will Protect You

08. Blonde Redhead – Anticipation / Misery Is A Butterfly