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Tonight, we start our first of four, count’em four weeks of Jimi Hendrix in our first hour. We start our Hendrix fest with Are You Experienced in mono. You have heard this album plenty of times of course but I don’t know if you have rocked it from start to finish in mono. I think you’re really going to like what you hear. The mono version is so rockin’, it’s a whole different thing than the stereo version. I hope you enjoy it.
Since I will be heading to Mr. Hendrix’s home state of WA, I thought it best that we devote our second hour to great bands from this great state. We are spoiled for choice, so I tried to make it interesting as I could and perhaps stay away from some of the more obvious.
Next week, it’s Hendrix’s second album Axis: Bold as Love, again in mono. It’s going to be a great one, tune in if you can and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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Hour 1
01. Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady / Are You Experienced (mono)
02. Jimi Hendrix - Manic Depression / Are You Experienced (mono)
03. Jimi Hendrix - Red House / Are You Experienced (mono)
04. Jimi Hendrix - Can You See Me? / Are You Experienced (mono)
05. Jimi Hendrix - Love Or Confusion / Are You Experienced (mono)
06. Jimi Hendrix - I Don’t Live Today / Are You Experienced (mono)
07. Jimi Hendrix - May This Be Love / Are You Experienced (mono)
08. Jimi Hendrix - Fire / Are You Experienced (mono)
09. Jimi Hendrix - 3rd Stone From The Sun / Are You Experienced (mono)
10. Jimi Hendrix - Remember / Are You Experienced (mono)
11. Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced? / Are You Experienced (mono)
12. Jimi Hendrix - Wind Cries Mary (mono) / single
13. Jimi Hendrix – Stone Free (mono) / single
Hour 2
01. The Sonics – Strychnine / Nuggets Disc 2
02. The Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face On Fire / Young Machetes
03. Karp - Forget The Minions / Self Titled LP
04. Bikini Kill - Alien She / Pussy Whipped
05. Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers / The Woods
06. Root Beer Barrels - (Tell Your) Man To Suck It / Soft Hard Rock
07. Motorik - Or So I Thought / Klang!
08. Tracy + The Plastics - Dog / Forever Sucks EP
09. Chuck Yay-Grr – Spaceman / Breaking The Puget Sound Barrier
10. Melvins – Poison / Singles 1-12
11. The Cops - It's Epidemic / Free Electricity
12. Earth - German Dental Work / A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction
13. Big Business – Shields / Here Come The Waterworks
14. Mad Season - River of Deceit / Above