KCRW Broadcast 186


Tonight we will enjoy an unbelievably cool mix of songs. The weather is cooling slightly and we will take advantage of that and unleash some deep heaviness. If you notice, we kick off the show with a track from the Ruts DC album Animal Now. It's been out of print for years and thankfully, the two remaining members, Segs and Ruffy, your friends from the Ruts, have seen fit to give it a dusting off and release it again. Lucky us.

Tonight's selection by Farflung will knock you out. The title is a perfect description of this show's host. What a band!

Hour one is a fairly relentless caning. We will speed things up a bit in hour two with brief bursts of brilliance, starting off with the very cool Kas Product. Tonight, we will rock Trin Tran, who I know nothing about but really like. Ty Segall sent us the record weeks ago and it's working out just fine on our end. If you find yourself digging the Trin Tran action, their album is on Drag City and easy to get your hands on.

Check out that Bowie/Iggy twofer towards the bottom of the show. That's just getting you warmed for December where will have some serious Bowie and Iggyness happening. Actually, the Stooges will feature prominently in our 11/24/12 show. While we will be digging the band on our show here, Iggy and the Stooges will be laying waste to the Staples Center. I am so going to be there.

We will finish tonight's show with some interesting sounds. Keijo is from Finland and I don't know much about his work. Becoming very interested in a lot of Scandinavian art music this year, he was one of the people popping up on some of the compilation albums I have been picking up. I have checked out a few of his albums and so far, it's really cool. I hope you dig the strangeness of it. Wo Fat, I don't know anything about but it's sounding good, so I thought it would work near the show. We tuck in our shirts and show some respect at the very end of the show with one of the Fall's best songs ever.

Tonight's show is an all kill no fill C-120 mix tape. We will get conceptual ever so slightly in two weeks time, I think you will like what we have for you.

Something To Look Forward To Dept.: Yet ANOTHER live Dinosaur Jr. album dropping in November! Chocomel Daze, a live set from 1987 in Holland will drop on 11/19/12!!!

There will only be 2000 pressed. Here's the place to get mo info: https://www.mergerecords.com/store/store_detail.php?catalog_id=894

Tonight's show is going to be worthwhile from top to bottom, Fanatics! Please stay with us for all two hours if you can.

Until next week, dig the tuneage and STAY FANATIC!!!


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Hour 1

01. Ruts DC - Different View / Animal Now

02. MC5 - Future/Now / High Time

03. Die Cheerleader - Christ With Teeth / Saturation

04. Walter Franco - Me Deixe Mudo / Ou Não

05. Roky Erickson - Bloody Hammer / Reverend Of Karmic Youth

06. Mad Season - I Don't Know Anything / Above

07. Farflung - Endless Drifting Wreck / A Wound in Eternity

08. Frank Zappa - Stink-Foot / Apostrophe

09. Kas Product – Malena / Try Out


Hour 2

01. Sham 69 - I Don't Wanna / Singles

02. Holland - Henri Has Asthma / The Paris Hilton Mujahideen

03. Serge Gainsbourg - L'hippopodame / Vu De L'Extérieur

04. Manu Chao - Panik Panik / La Radiolina

05. Wire – Champs / Pink Flag

06. Trin Tran - Tall Contest - Dark Radar

07. Jay Reatard - Feeling Blank Again / Singles 06-07

08. Melt-Banana - Seesaw Semiology / MXBX 1998: 13,000 Miles At Light Velocity

09. Black Eyes - On the Sacred Side / Black Eyes

10. Thug - Broken Robot / Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way

11. David Bowie – Subterraneans / Low

12. Iggy Pop - Mass Production / The Idiot

13. Keijo - Gathering Around / Open That Door

14. Wo Fat - Enter the Riffian / Psychedelonaut

15. The Fall - New Face In Hell / Grotesque