KCRW Broadcast 207


Is this fantastic or what?! We are back on the radio yet again and this one is going to rock! Last week, we had quite the esoteric affair, especially ending with Free Bird. Perhaps a KCRW first? Tonight, we change course and go on a charm offensive of our very own.

Fanatic Heidi M contributed the Gay Witch Abortion we play for you tonight. I had never heard of them, she kindly turned me onto them. Thank you, Ms. M.

Chip Kinman's wife Lisa asked if we could a Dils track on the show. Not a problem.

If you check our starting track for hour 2, you will see one of our more regular suspects, Jimi Hendrix. I did not have high hopes for the "new" Hendrix album the estate has recently released called People, Hell & Angels. The material ranges from the somewhat cool if you have never heard it before to the insulting to the fans money grab. Tonight's version of Hear My Train is the same one that's on this album but it's unedited and sounds better. It is pulled from one the ridiculous amount of Hendrix bootleg LPs and CDs I have accumulated over the years. I am tempted to do a bootleg version of this album so you can hear alt versions of almost every track on it. I wish I could recommend People, Hell & Angels but I can't. I am looking forward to hearing both US and UK versions of Are You Experienced, recently re-released in mono on LP. I just got them and am looking forward to hearing how they sound.

After Jimi, we go all over the place and it's waves of pure greatness. Irene Moon into Art Tatum? That is SO working for me.

Get ready for new a Oh Sees album soon as well as a great release from Marnie Stern. Could that be coming out next week? I think it might be. I have been listening to Chronicles Of Marnia for awhile now and it's great.

Look out in mid-April for the Sun Ship Sessions of John Coltrane to come out. We will be all over this one. I have been checking out the new Stooges album, Ready To Die, and next week, we will be playing a track from it. This one hits on April 30.

As you can see by looking at the list of tunes below, your ears are in good hands. Whoa!

Thanks for reading and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry


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Hour 1
01. James Brown - Sex Machine / Revolution of the Mind
02. The Stooges - Down On The Street / Fun House
03. Aretha Franklin - See Saw / Atlantic Recordings
04. Minutemen - More Joy / Joy
05. Wire - Ex-Lion Tamer / Pink Flag
06. Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall Of Sleep / Black Sabbath
07. Gay Witch Abortion - Prison Charm / Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior
08. The Weirdos - Helium Bar / Weird World: Volume 1
09. Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off The Bridge / Complete Recordings
10. Cabaret Voltaire - News From Nowhere / The Voice Of America
11. Boris - Les Paul Custom '86 / Attention Please
12. Tèshomè Meteku - Gara Ser Nèw Bétesh / Ethiopiques 1
13. The Dils - You're Not Blank / What? Stuff
14. Devo - Love is Stronger than Dirt / Recombo DNA
15. Rowland S. Howard - Nothin' / Pop Crimes
16. MAKE-UP - Untouchable Sound / I Want Some

Hour 2
01. Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' / Villanova Junction
02. Irene Moon - Daily Life / Triffles And True Trifles
03. Art Tatum - Get Happy / California Melodies
04. Serge Gainsbourg - Laissez Moi Tranquille / Couleur Café
05. The Sensational Whirlwinds - (Make Old) Satan Leave Me Alone / This May Be My Last Time Singing
06. The Clash – 1977 / Black Market Clash
07. Thee Oh Sees - Flash Bats / Warm Slime
08. Monty Python – Is There / Monty Python's Previous Record
09. CAN - On the Way to Mother Sky / The Lost Tapes
10. Flin Flon - Black Bear / Black Bear EP
11. Dinosaur Jr - Been There All The Time / Beyond
12. Dwarr – Animals / Animals
13. Los Dug Dug's - Lost In My World / Los Dug Dug's
14. Fidlar - 5 To 9 (clean) / Fidlar