KCRW Broadcast 215

Fanatics. I would like to thank the girls from Honest Marquee for giving us one of their new tracks for us to play. I think it’s a great one.

Tonight’s show is packed with mix tape goodness and I think you’re going to dig it.

I want to thank you for all the letters you have sent in about the radio show and its move to Sunday nights. The best part of the show is knowing that some people are listening and that they are getting something from it. As you can imagine, a lot goes into making the show happen week after week. It’s never easy, always worth it.

We have been making the last few shows very heavy on the music and light on the talk. I am thinking that this might be a good thing for a little while, we will see how it goes.

My new book is out: http://henryrollins.shop.musictoday.com/Product.aspx?cp=14511&pc=1HAM40BOOK

For all you Los Angeles locals: on May 31, I will be doing a book signing for the new book, Before the Chop at Mr. Musichead Gallery at 7515 Sunset, near Sunset & Gardner: http://www.mrmusichead.com/events/

Enjoy the jams and stay fanatic.  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. The Honest Marquee – Fight / new
02. The Damned - Neat Neat Neat / Damned Damned Damned
03. The Buzzcocks - Fast Cars / Another Music In A Different Kitchen
04. Maniacs - You Don’t Break My Heart / Vortex Live
05. Dinosaur Jr. – Pierce the Morning Rain / I Bet On Sky
06. The Gun Club - Bill Bailey / Mother Juno
07. The Fall – Rainmaster / Cerebral Caustic
08. The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher / single
09. Pink Fairies Do It (single edit) / Never Never Land
10. Black Flag - Louie Louie / The First Four Years
11. Empire – Today / Expensive Sound
12. Metal Urbain - Cle De Contact / Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux
13. Willie “The Lion” Smith - Peace, Brother, Peace / Harlem Joys 
14. David Bowie - Hang On To Yourself / Bowie At The Beeb 
15. The Misfits - Horror Business / single
16. Roky Erickson - If You Have Ghosts / The Evil One
17. The Aquarium - Golden Pyramid / The Aquarium
18. The Ruts - In A Rut / The Punk Singles Collection

Hour 2
01. Jimi Hendrix - Hey Gypsy Boy / First Rays - The Sessions
02. The Anti-Job - Joni Mitchell In Love / mp3
03. X Ray Spex - Let’s Submerge / Germ Free Adolescents
04. Jay Reatard - Death Is Forming / Blood Visions
05. The Chiefs - Tower 18 / Holly-West Crisis
06. UK Subs - I Couldn’t Be You / Another Kind Of Blues
07. Wire - Lowdown / Pink Flag 
08. Iggy Pop – Funtime / The Idiot
09. Kraftwerk – Nummern / Computer Welt
10. Marnie Stern - Noonan / The Chronicles of Marnia 
11. The Four Plugs - Wrong Treatment / single 
12. Devo - Blockhead / Duty Now For The Future 
13. Boris - Canvas / Präparat 
14. Fugazi - Bed For The Scraping / Red Medicine
15. Ty Segall - You Won’t See Me / Fuzz single 
16. Black Sabbath - Falling Off the Edge of the World / Mob Rules