KCRW Broadcast 229

Fanatics! Currently fighting jet lag in Seoul, South Korea. The weather here is nuts. At night, it cools down to a mellow 90-something. During the day, forget it. I have not been here for a few years. Food great, people friendly.

Stooges are on tomorrow afternoon. I will see the band play, come back to the hotel, get some sleep and get back to LA a few hours before show time. We thought this was going to have to be a pre-tape but it looks like the flight worked out timing wise.

I am extremely happy with our show. We have some great, different and all over the place listening for this Sunday. The Bootsy live track we are starting with is going to snap your thong. What a band he had. The track is absolutely crushing.

I thought we should listen to some Glaxo Babies seeing that Steve at Superior Viaduct is releasing Put Me On The Guest List later this year. I don’t think the Glaxos ever had a domestic release.

If you look down through the tracks, you will see some familiar folks but some perhaps new names. I have been waiting to lay some of the Augusto Klamm stuff on you for a long time. It was a cassette only release that came out of Belgium a long time ago. I downloaded it from the now sadly gone Mutant Sounds site. I think the guy made the record with a voice and a telephone answering machine. He makes it sound so easy!

If your weekend allows, please join us on the main deck at 2000 hrs. PST for two hours of great music and searing repartee. The Big Three will all be there. Summer’s almost over, await the cool and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry


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Hour 1
01. Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Bootzilla / Live In Louisville 1978
02. Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced (mono) / Are You Experienced
03. Rites Of Spring - Deeper Than Inside / Rites Of Spring
04. UK Subs - Too Tired / Diminished Responsibility
05. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee / Dreams Interrupted 
06. Ashtray Navigations - Bubba O’Meiser / Spray
07. Pumice - World With Worms / Quo
08. Fats Waller - You Must Be Losing Your Mind / Best Of
09. Minutemen – Tension / The Punch Line
10. The Pyramids - Aomawa – Pyramids / Music Of Idris Ackamoor 1971-04
11. Aerosmith - Sick as a Dog / Rocks
12. The Saints - Know Your Product / Know Your Product
13. Lemon Kittens - Boom Burner / I Wanna Punk Rock

Hour 2
01. Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf / Live at Last 
02. Devo - Are You Experienced? / Shout 
03. Black Pus - The Dexilhellipers / Black Pus 2
04. Hamza El Din - Greeting Card (Abdin) / Al Oud-Instrumental & Vocal
05. Kit – Golden / Invocation
06. Augusto Klamm – Thriller / Poisonous Fragrances
07. Cabaret Voltaire – Landslide / Red Mecca
08. Los Dug Dug’s – Sometimes / Los Dug Dug’s 
09. The Moving Sidewalks - Crimson Witch / Flash
10. The Mad - I Hate Music / We Love Noize
11. Laurie Anderson - White Lily / The Ugly One with the Jewels
12. Sun Ra - Music From The World Tomorrow / Angels & Demons At Play
13. Procedure Club - Artificial Light / Doomed Forever
14. Shin Joong Hyun - I’ve Got Nothing To Say / Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974
15. Death - Freakin Out / ...For The World To See
16. Fugazi - Bed For The Scraping / Red Medicine 
17. MFSB - TSOP / Some disco comp.