KCRW Broadcast 232

Fanatics! Sometimes, I have take a few steps back from the screen, look at the totality of what we are going to bring you and conclude that X, the YWB and myself, aka The Big Three, are just beyond amazing.

Our show for you this Sunday will cure you of all your ills. It’s just that damn good.

We have five doses of Nicky Garratt, guitar man of some band called the UK Subs. He is as usual, up to quite a few things at once. One of his freshest musical pursuits is working with Nik Turner of the mighty Hawkwind. He’s all over the new Turner album Space Gypsy. In fact, he wrote the track we are going to listen to. Mr. G just wrote me and said that he has been quite busy on the music front and promised to keep us in the mix.

Previous to getting this new Turner/Garratt joint, I had already planned to rock the entire She’s Not There EP. It’s just a perfect five minutes and several second slice of sonic freedom. So, tonight, we pile on the Garratt.

Tonight’s Don Cherry attack is from a Pharoah Sanders retrospective. I am glad this came out because this track is one of the first I ever heard of Don Cherry, well over twenty years ago and have been wanting to hear it again. I have it on a cassette buried somewhere.

We continue on with more new VUM and Fuzz as we promised.

I am not sure if we ever played you anything from the Public Enemy demo. Ian MacKaye gave this tape in 1986 when I was on the road with Black Flag. It totally blew me away when I first heard it. Chuck D, what a voice! I remember playing this for the camera crew who were shooting the PE documentary years ago and they hadn’t heard it. This is a standout track!

In our second hour, we start with one of the crushingest songs ever by Early Man. I saw someone wearing one of their t-shirts the other day when I was doing a voice over session for the Cartoon Network show Uncle Grandpa.

Pere Ubu’s Modern Dance album is such a great piece of work. It’s been awhile since I have pulled this one out. That’s one of those must-hear-at-least-once records.

I have wanted to play something off the Jar of Flies record by Alice and Chains for a long time but spaced. I remember when this came out. I think they said they went in with the intention of doing only a couple of songs and ended up walking out of the studio with much more. If that was the band going in with only a couple of ideas, whoa. I think that record is not only some of the band’s best stuff but it’s just an excellent record. Of all those big hype Seattle bands, AIC was for me, the ones who were writing the most consistently great material and no one sounds like Layne Staley.

Iggy prepares us for the end of the night with his version of Henri Salvador’s Syracuse and then Thin Lizzy crushes it for the close out.

EXCELLENT MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY ALERT DEPT.: Damn! 20 Feet From Stardom, directed by Morgan Neville is SO great! Morgan Neville is always, always, always, excellent but he has hit it so far out of the park with this one. I really hope you get a chance to see this. I saw it a few days ago and am looking forward to seeing it again. Here’s some info: http://twentyfeetfromstardom.com/. Really, it must be seen.

This is at least an attempt to blast through the complete and total non-rockin mood of a Sunday night. What a corny shift! What a letdown! Kick ass and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. Devo - Wiggly World / Duty Now For The Future

02. Otis Day & the Nights - Shama Lama Ding Dong / Animal House Soundtrack

03. Nik Turner - We Ride The Timewinds / Space Gypsy

04. Don Cherry Quintet - Cherry’s Dilemma / Pharoah Sanders - In The Beginning

05. Jay Reatard - Puppet Man / Blood Visions

06. VUM - Hall of Mirrors / Psychotropic Jukebox

07. Fuzz - The Preacher / Fuzz

08. TV Smith - We Want the Road / Immortal Rich

09. Public Enemy - Public Enemy #1 (demo) / tape

10. UK Subs - She’s Not There / She’s Not There EP

11. UK Subs - Kicks / She’s Not There EP

12. UK Subs - Victim / She’s Not There EP

13. UK Subs - Same Thing / She’s Not There EP

14. PIL - Public Image / First Issue

15. Muuttuvat Kasvot – Kaukaisuus / Muuttuvat Kasvot

16. Starbean - Gary Numan / Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 7

17. White Mystery – Overwhelmed / White Mystery

Hour 2

01. Early Man - Death Is The Answer / Closing In

02. Babs Gonzales - Professor Bop / Weird Lullaby

03. Minutemen - Case Closed / Bean Spill

04. Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance / The Modern Dance

05. Agent Orange - Everything Turns Grey / Living In Darkness

06. Lalo Schifrin - Mission: Impossible / Mission Accomplished: Themes For Spies

07. Monty Python - Traffic Lights / Contractual Obligation Album

08. Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic / Smash Hits

09. White Fence - Only Man Alive / Cyclops Reap

10. Frank Zappa - Evelyn, A Modified Dog / One Size Fits All

11. Alice In Chains - I Stay Away / Jar of Flies

12. Robert Fripp - You Burn Me Up I’m A Cigarette / Exposure

13. Ja’afar Hassan - They Taught Me / Choubi Coubi (Folk/Pop Songs of Iraq)

14. The Fall - Surmount All Obstacles / Middle Class Revolt

15. Iggy Pop – Syracuse / Après

16. Thin Lizzy - Get Out of Here / Black Rose