KCRW Broadcast 242

Fanatics! It is cold here in Toronto. I hit the street and the wind stings immediately. Our second track of the evening is perfect for my present location.

Two new additions to our ever growing arsenal tonight, Satellite Sky from Australia and Seasick Steve, who a lot of people are familiar with of course but makes his first appearance on our show tonight. I got this album from the good folks at Third Man. Like all the stuff on the label, it’s well recorded and real deal. Self Sufficient Man is my favorite track on the record so far.

So, I’ve been living here in Toronto for the last several days and not even the heat of the mayor’s crack pipe can keep the city warm. It’s going to be one cold month. However, Engineer X, Will Bentley and I have conspired to make shows that will hopefully keep you well until when next we are all together on the radio.

I am up here working on a film. It’s been going well so far. We get into the really heavy stuff in about a week. There will be a lot crashing and banging going on but I think we will get through it.

I encourage you to check out the Julie Ruin album Run Fast. I wish I could play more of it but there are so many language issues, I am just not interested in playing word police all the time with bands. If they don’t want to make clean versions of songs for radio use, then I will assume they’re ok with limited play. It’s frustrating. I am all about free speech but I am bound by the rules of the FCC. I can’t get the station in hot water and at the same time, I want to get these songs on the show. Anyway, the Julie Ruin album is full of really good songs and just because we can’t play many of them on the show, you can dig the whole thing on your own and I hope you do.

Fanatics, the colder weather drives many of us indoors and into the deep recesses of our minds. Certainly I do not speak for all of us but I think a few of you know what I am talking about. Tonight’s show has a bit of that and I think we need some contrast for all the shows we put up over the summer. Hopefully, you will find tonight’s mood shifts to your liking.

You know me Fanatic, I like all the shows we do. I think we have built a cool pyre tonight. Sundays are a drag to navigate but I think we are finding our way. You all make it worth it for sure.

Until next week, don’t freeze and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Kiss - Detroit Rock City / Best Of
02. Spizzenergi - Cold City / Where’s Captain Kirk?
03. Satellite Sky - Bleary Eyed Fashion / Bleary Eyed Fashion
04. Seasick Steve - Self Sufficient Man / Hubcap Music
05. Buzzcocks - Get On Our Own / Another Music In A Different Kitchen
06. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Humanoid Boogie / The Doughnut In Granny’s Greenhouse
07. Boris – Ibitsu / Akuma No Uta
08. Julie Ruin - Stop Stop / Run Fast
09. Joy Division - Exercise One / Still
10. Louis Jordan - Pettin’ An Pokin’ / Decca Recordings
11. Kluster - Track 02 / Admira
12. King Tubby - Dub The Right Way / Freedom Sounds In Dub
13. John Lindaman Talk To It - Find Out What It Wants / Black Death DNA
14. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Fall / Peel Sessions
15. Swell Maps - Steven Does / A Trip To Marineville

Hour 2
01. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Introduction / Lightnin’ Strikes Back
02. Lightnin’ Hopkins - Black Cadillac / In The Key Of Lightnin’
03. Tempel – Earth / Colour Haze
04. Cosmic Jokers - The Electronic Scene / Sci Fi Party 
05. Aden - Plunky ‘99 / 1999 Teenbeat Sampler
06. Mr. Clean - Mr. Clean / Lux & Ivy’s Favorites Volume 11
07. The Damned - 1 of the 2 / Damned Damned Damned 
08. Evil Robots - Epsilons / Epsilons
09. Coachwhips - Letter 2 London / Peanut Butter & Jelly Live At The Ginger Minge 
10. Thelonious Monk - Unidentified Solo Piano / Complete Riverside Recordings
11. Reatards - Quite All Right / Teenage Hate
12. VVV - It Was Her Eyes / Resurrection River
13. Misfits - Hybrid Moments / Static Age
14. The Gun Club - Black Hole / Divinity
15. Ween - Cold And Wet / God Ween Satan
16. Hawkwind - The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) / Hall Of The Mountain Grill 
17. David Bowie - Don’t Bring Me Down / Pin Ups 
18. Chain & the Gang - (Living In The) Panther’s Cage / In Cool Blood
19. Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit / Blues In Orbit