KCRW Broadcast 243

Fanatics! Is this our last show for November? I think it is! Well, I hope you have enjoyed what we’ve been putting across so far. We have already prepared a few of our December shows.

As you might know, I am still here in Toronto Canada, working on a film called He Never Died. We are working hard, a lot of night shoots and a lot of less than warm weather but we are getting it done nonetheless. Wrapping out after midnight isn’t the greatest thing but a lot of our story happens at night and to the script we must adhere.

As I write these notes to you, I am listening to tonight’s show. I am loving it. I think this might be the first time we have rocked a Troggs track. I don’t know much at all about their catalog besides Wild Thing but tonight’s track, which is really cool, I got from the Lux & Ivy’s Favorites. It’s a cool series of downloads of tracks pulled from Cramps interviews of all the bands and songs they mentioned. Here’s a site to get you at least 11 of the volumes. Don’t pass this up: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2009/02/lux-and-ivys-favorites-mp3s.html

Speaking of Iggy Pop, there’s a new photo book by Esther Friedman with writing by Daniel Haaksman called The Passenger. It is a collection of photos she took of him and of Berlin, back when it was West Berlin, before the wall came down. Have you ever seen the Iggy autobiography I Need More and checked the Iggy Berlin shots? It was Esther who took them. The books is really cool more of those as well as shots from Haiti and on the road. It is a interesting look into Iggy offstage. From what Esther told me, the photos were in a box for years and a friend of hers compelled her to make the book. I did the foreword. We got a couple of copies at the office two weeks ago, so I guess it’s out. Here’s an address for Daniel’s site where he talks about it and displays the cover: http://danielhaaksman.com/?p=1075

More Hawkwind! I hope you don’t mind. I’m such a fan of their UA period. I have been listening to them a lot lately.

Engineer X turned me onto this excellent album a few weeks ago and the track we pulled from it is my personal track of the night. Mammane Sani et son Orgue’s La Musique Electronique du Niger LP is an unexpected treasure. Great story behind it as well: http://sahelsounds.com/2013/04/mammane-and-his-electronic-organ/

I figured Lou Reed would still be on your mind as he is on mine and thought that we should get into a little VU. The mono version of ATP sounds great, doesn’t it? Easily one of Lou’s best moments.

Rockin’ the new TV Smith album again. Here’s his site address. He’s the real damn deal: http://www.tvsmith.com/index.php. Go to the shop part of the site to see where you can get the new album as well as vol. 4 of his tour journals. Those are great reads!

I don’t know anything about The Black Nasty but the single is great. Those Stax box sets have a ton of cool stuff in them. It’s a lot of music though.

The VU White Light/White Heat box set will be out in December. Why they made it so expensive, I have no idea but it looks very interesting: http://www.amazon.com/White-Light-Heat-3CD-Anniversary/dp/B00FH3UI66/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1384732373&sr=1-1&keywords=velvet+underground+white+light+white+heat

We hope you dig the show. Feel free to pass on your satisfaction with our efforts onto someone else. The more the more fanatic.

Keep thinking of tomatoes until we ketchup next week and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Gun Club – Humanesque / Pastoral Hide & Seek/Divinity
02. Cluster – Caramel / Zuckerzeit
03. David Bowie - All The Madmen / The Man Who Sold the World
04. Doxa Sinistra – Alien / Via Del Latte
05. Iggy Pop – Tonight / Lust For Life
05. Devo - A Plan For U / Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
06. The Door & the Window – Habits / Detailed Twang
07. Hemingway - Nobel Acceptance Speech / tape
08. Scientists - The Spin / Blood red River
09. Climax Denial - The Little Parts Of Your Insides That Show On The Outside / All Of My Loves Are Like Dreams
10. Half Japanese - Penny In The Fountain / Greatest Hits 
11. The Troggs - Night of the Long Grass / Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 13
12. Tony Iommi - Laughing Man (In The Devil Mask) / Iommi   3:40
13. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Srey Leak / White Lunar   3:40 

Hour 2
01. Hawkwind Lord Of Light (single version) / Doremi Fasol Latido 
02. Mammane Sani et son Orgue - Bodo / La Musique Electronique du Niger
03. US Maple - La Click / Sang Phat Editor
04. Annie Ross – Twisted / King Pleasure Sings/Annie Ross Sings 
05. Hisato Higuchi - Girl Sister / She
06. Slim Gaillard - When Banana Skins Are Falling / 1947 – 1951 
07. Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow’s Parties (mono single) / 45th Anniversary ed.
08. TV Smith - We Who Wait / Acoustic Sessions Volume 1
09. Serge Gainsbourg – Baudelaire / Couleur Cafe
10. Melt-Banana - Vertigo Game / Fetch
11. Robert Johnson - Cross Road Blues / Complete Recordings
12. The Channels - Now You Know / Whirlin’ Disc 
13. The Black Nasty - Talking To The People / Complete Stax/Volt Singles ‘72-‘75
14. Empire - Electric Guitar / Expensive Sound
15. Brian Eno - Back In Judy’s Jungle / Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy