KCRW Broadcast 244

Fanatics! Here we go into December. I hope you enjoyed the November shows.

Tonight, it’s a great mix tape with some notable highlights. It feels like a good cold weather show. I am in cold weather and have been listening to the tracks for several days and it’s working for me.

The Mascis / Van Etten John Denver cover is cool. I have not heard the whole album it was taken from. I was sent the single track on a CD. Always great hearing anything J is on.

Check out track 6 in hour 1. The band Tiger Stir is our own Will Bentley! He and his bandmates did all the recording and mixing themselves. We are happy to get this onto the show and we do hope you dig it. Way to go, Will!

I think the Zappa spoken stuff is really cool. I like the way his mind works. I thought it would be cool to glue the two tracks together.

I wish Les Butcherettes made another album. I am so glad I got to see them play. I only saw the once, to my great regret. This might be my favorite track from their album Sin Sin Sin.

We had to do a switch out of tracks with our pal Lee Perry. If you hear me make reference to the title tracks of Satan Kicked the Bucket, that’s not the track we’re using. Too many naughty words for us, so we put in Bat Bat from the same album.

More Steven R Smith tonight. He’s really great. To check out his stuff, you can go here: http://www.worstward.com/. Check out the download page for a ton of his records, which you can get in FLAC. WOW! I just went to the site and the new album called Ending/Returning is good to go for download. I just bought my FLAC copy and am downloading now. I know what my soundtrack is for tonight. So stoked. There is not one of his records I don’t like. WOW again! He told me about this record weeks ago. It is also out as a double LP. He basically does the album twice, once solo and then again as Ulaan Khol. I think my LP version is waiting for me in LA. I am listening to it now. Damn, he’s incredible. We are so going to rock this record as soon as possible. Go to the site and check the man out.

Fanatic, have you heard Gemini by Ty Segall? It’s the very limited LP of demos for the Twins album. It was pressed up in what seems to be a small quantity and they went quickly via mail order. They went fast because it looks like a lot of people bought several copies so they could sell them on eBay for 200.00 bucks. So uncool. Over the last few weeks, the prices have been coming down. Check the Discogs site, or listen here because we will be playing high quality files of all the songs on the album so you can hear the whole thing. First off, Twins is a great Ty record and the demos, while not all that different, are still totally cool and worth checking out.

I am working away on He Never Died. We are well into it now and it’s going well. Great cast and crew. We’re getting fed well and have not had too many outside shoot days since the temperature dropped. We were out there past midnight last week. Of course, we actors are dressed for autumn, the crew all look like moving boxes with their huge coats. The last two hours were intense. It was 17 degrees here last night! Stingin! It made walking to the supermarket extra painful in my t-shirt and thin sweatshirt. Character building, I guess.

At some point next year, our hero Phil Todd of Ashtray Navigations will be releasing a 4CD set spanning his vast catalog. Pete Coward, Neil Campbell, Robert Hayler and I have all been pressed into service to compile a CD each. I sent in all my titles and Phil dug them, so the other three will get their tracks together soon. Should be an excellent release.

As soon as I get my hands on the White Light/White Heat box set, we will get into that as December moves in. We will make sure the cold Sundays rock as best we can.

If you live in the LA area, the Echo and Echoplex are rockin’ for shows in this month!!! VUM residency on Monday nights! Weirdos on the 13th! Pere Ubu on the 18th!!!! Check it out: http://www.theecho.com/calendar/

Thanks for listening all over the world, Fanatic. We are just getting warmed up. This is what it’s all about.

Don’t freeze and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
02. J Mascis & Sharon Van Etten - Prisoners / The Music Is You
03. Savages – Husbands / Silence Yourself
04. White Fence - Who Feels Right? / White Fence
05. Saccharine Trust - Success & Failure / Paganicons 
06. Tiger Stir – Someone or Something / album
07. Fats Waller - Don’t Let It Bother You / 13 CD Set
08. Cabaret Voltaire - Jazz the Glass / The Living Legends
09. Moebius – Rattenwiesel / Tonspuren
10. Minutemen - Definitions / Paranoid Time EP 
11. Hot Pursuit - Goldenhead / The Thrill Department
12. Brook Bond Food - Red Rose Tea / Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 11
13. The Mae Shi - Young Marks / HLLLYH 
14. Lamps - Hey Girl / First LP 
15. Fugazi - Me And Thumbelina / Instrument
16. Frank Zappa - It’s OK To Be Smart / Kill Ugly Radio Some More
17. Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over / You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 1

Hour 2
01. Le Butcherettes - Bang! / Sin Sin Sin
02. Lydia Kavina - Mouvement Electrique et Pathetique / Music From The Ether: Original Works For Theremin
03. Tsuxma – Hayabue / Hayashi Music Of Noh
04. Millions Of Dolls - In A Desert Street / Dreams And Nightmares
05. Slug Guts - Old Black Sweats / Playin’ in Time With the Deadbeat
06. Bud Powell - Crossin’ The Channel / Complete Blue Note & Roost Recordings
07. Butch Willis & the Rocks - I Want That Date / Repeats
08. Pere Ubu - Nonalignment Pact / The Modern Dance
09. Lee Perry – Bat Bat / Satan Kicked The Bucket
10. The Psychedelic Aliens - Gbe Keke Wo Taoc / Psycho African Beat
11. White Mystery - Live to Hunt / Telepathic
12. Nile - Pestilence And Iniquity / Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka
13. Moth Drakula - Sawed Off To Use / Gutted And Sundried
14. Steven R. Smith - Well-Founding / Slate Branches
15. Hisato Higuchi – Aida / Mudai
16. Gun Club - The Great Divide / Pastoral Hide & Seek
17. The Imaginations - Goodnight Baby / Memories Of Times Square Record Shop Vol 2