KCRW Broadcast 249

Fanatics! Happy New Year to all yall. Tonight is a great show to start off 2014 with. I hope that the adjustment from the holiday season back to the normal grind was a smooth transition. I try not to let myself get too far out of my normal routine, so when things kick back in, I am not having to transition back too much.

As I listened to tonight’s songs as I built the show, I had already started working on the next one, in case there was something to continue, etc. As much as I love this one, I am getting excited about the next one as I just got a great mail out from Superior Viaduct. Steve at Superior Viaduct has re-released a couple of Brigitte Fontaine albums! Vous Et Nous and Comme à la Radio. Amazing. We will have to do a little Superior Viaduct segment for next week.

Anyway, tonight is what is what we’re talking about here. One of the fist things that might jump out at you is that we have yet another Tiger Stir track on tonight’s show. The Stir, as it were, is Young Will Bentley’s band. We dug a song of theirs last month and again, we rock another track. It’s amazing the sounds these guys are getting recording on their own. The rest of the segment is in tribute to the Stir, making references to bowls.

Very interesting box set I just got on a tip from the very ears-to-the-ground Engineer X called Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM. It’s a lot of music. We are going to listen to a track from it tonight. This is a great one, takes a lot of work to drill down on it but worth it.

We have not listened to tonight’s Soccer Team track for a long time. I love this band. Not one bad song and this is one of their coolest.

Hour two starts off with my favorite track of the night. VC is a Blues god and I wish I had an album’s worth of this guy. If you have ever been to Vietnam, this is how the streets sound. It’s like all the motorbikes in the world are there. Edward Hazelton is a close second, though.

Tonight’s tone award goes to Steven R Smith for his Ulaan Khol track. Wow! I am such a fan. There’s not one bad record in the bunch. Info here: http://www.worstward.com/.

I must say, Fanatic, we have opened up a serious can of whoopass in our second hour. The Hawkwind track is going to run you over. What a band.

I have no idea KCRW will keep us around but we hope to be able to keep this sonic jihad happening all year long, so please tune in as often as you can and please, Fanatic, tell a friend about the show. We want as many people in on this as possible.

An old pal of mine wrote me about an organization she is working with that I thought I would pass forward. This has to do with hunger in America. If feel the desire to know more, here’s a place to go: http://frac.org/.

Never stop freaking and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. DJ Screw - Sippin’ Codeine (Big Moe) / 3 ‘n The Mornin’ Part 2
02. Slayer - New Faith / God Hates Us All
03. David Essex - Rock On / AM Gold 1974
04. Fuzz - You Won’t See Me / Live in San Francisco
05. Thee Oh Sees - Wait Let’s Go / Singles Vol. III
06. Tiger Stir - Lunar Bowls / new song
07. Coyle And Sharpe Human Sugar Bowl / These 2 Men Are Imposters
08. Billy Eckstine - Life Is Just Like A Bowl Of Cherries / Everything I Have Is Yours
09. Nina Simone - I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl / The Soul Of Nina Simone
10. Cab Calloway - Good Sauce From The Gravy Bowl / 1934 – 1937
11. Flying Jazz Queens Siyahamba (Zulu / South Africa) / Opika Pende
12. The Equals - Police On My Back / single
13. The Angelic Upstarts - I’m An Upstart / Teenage Warning
14. Kas Product - Black & Noir / single
15. The Normal - Warm Leatherette / single
16. Soccer Team - I’ll Never Fear Ghosts Again / Play

Hour 2
01. VC Hooker - VC’s Blues / Ho! #1 - Roady Music From Vietnam
02. Edward Hazelton Hard Rock Is My Pillow / One String Blues
03. Ulaan Khol – Motes / Ending/Returning
04. Monty Python - Contradiction - Another Monty Python Record
05. John Fahey - Revelation / God, Time, and Causality
06. Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator / Space Ritual
07. The Fall – Smile / Perverted By Language
08. Die Haut w/ Nick Cave - Pleasure Is The Boss / Burnin’ The Ice
09. Nico - Sixty Forty / The Drama of Exile
10. David Bowie – Helden / Heroes
11. Tel Aviv - Lines (Winter) / 193