KCRW Broadcast 25


We have completed our pledge drive and I wanted to thank all of you who so generously elected to keep public radio alive. You all delivered big time! During last week's show, we took in a large amount of money because you care, that's what it's all about. Thanks for getting it. I knew you would come through.

So, now we are back to wall-to-wall music and tonight's show is the product of two weeks of compression and mounting excitement. Dig that new Tinariwen track! Their new album is called Imidiwan: Companions and it will be released on World Village on 10-13-09 but will available on iTunes on the 25th of this month. Thanks to Simone at World Village for sending Engineer X and I copies early so we could get this excellent album to you sooner than later. The band will be in America in February. We will post those dates at the beginning of February.

Also, Terakaft dates are up! Check it out:
Terakaft Live Dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. Chicago IL - Cultural Center
24. Chicago IL - Cultural Center
25. Minneapolis MN - Cedar Cultural Center
26. Bloomington IN - Lotus Festival
28. Brooklyn NY - Bell House
29. NYC New York - Joe's Pub
30. Cambridge MA - Brattle Theater

OCTOBER 05. Austin TX - Cactus Cafe
13. Santa Monica CA - Dakota Live Music Lounge
14. San Francisco CA - The Independent
15. Portland OR - Mississippi Studios
17. Seattle WA – The Triple Door

Nice! I hope I am in town for the Santa Monica show. I'll remind you of these dates when we get a little closer. But to whet your already insatiable appetite, we will listen to a Terakaft track tonight. What a band!

Attention Richard Berry fans! If you are familiar with Richard Berry's song The Big Break, you might not be familiar with this version. All the versions of the song I have been able to find on LP and CD thus far are an alternate take with vocals in the chorus. This one is a different take with no vocals in the chorus section and an all around better feel. In 1984, I was hanging out with Raymond Pettibon. He was listening to the Johnny Otis show and had Richard Berry on as a guest. Berry played this song on the show and luckily, Ray was taping it and I copied the tape.

As many of you know, great Jazz drummer Rashied Ali passed away on the 12th of this month. In honor of the man's contribution to Jazz, I wanted to play you a rare track. It's a duet with Ali and Charles Gayle that they did for an audio book I put out years ago. On the record, you can hear the music but my voice gets in the way. Tonight, we will get the track and nothing in the way. I produced these sessions and it was a thrill to record these two. What a night! Rashied Ali will be missed, enjoy this great and rare track.

On the way to the Flaming Lips show last week, I listened to a comp. CD that Liza Richardson aka DJ Lizatheparalyza made. One of the tracks on it was by Los Dug Dugs. Great song! So, we are playing it tonight. The sound at The Greek wasn't all that good on the night. Ghostland Observatory was probably really good, if only you could hear them. The Lips were not inspiring to me. I thought Wayne Coyne was dialing it in a bit. Also, you couldn't hear much out front, great set list though.

The amazing Jazz drum and piano powerhouse known as Paul Murphy & Larry Willis have just released their new album Foundations and is it great! I found it here for download , but I got an actual CD of it from the band. Here's Paul's site address. As you know, we are XXL supporters of these two brilliant musicians on this show and you should be too. All of their albums are great and this one is incredible. I am so glad they are making records, please support the band!

Speaking of DJ Lizatheparalyza, she and I were scouring the internets a couple of weeks ago, looking for interesting music and came across mention of an African band from the 1970's called Amanaz. The LP was crazy expensive everywhere we looked but we managed to find a download of it and so we are playing a song from it tonight. I am staying away from the track she wants to play for now but I will definitely get that one onto the show soon. Cool album, worth seeking out the download.

Great shot of most of the K Gang from, our RadioActive event months ago. You can see Gary Calamari Fritti and I attempting to bond with Morning Becomes Eclectic host and K Team leader Jason Bentley.

I hope you all enjoyed tonight's show and as always, you know what you need to do: STAY FANATIC!!!