KCRW Broadcast 254

Fanatics! It is a deep well we draw from tonight. It’s an eclectic mix of moods, temperaments and textures.

The new Tinariwen album, Emmaar is really good. I think it’s out now or at least coming out soon.

I thought that this week, we put in some noisy material in hour 1. We have not played any Fat Worm for awhile and I thought that we should check them out again. We have not checked in with Weasel Walter for months and thought it would be cool to dig one of his many offshoots, Cellular Chaos. Their cover of Roxy Music’s Remake/Remodel is really wild. I was tempted to pull it out for this show but thought we could synch it up with the original at some point down the trail.

Please Tune In If You Can Dept.: In hour two of next week’s show, we shall unleash the new solo project of on John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees/Castle Face Records fame, called Damaged Bug. The name of the album is Hubba Bubba and it is excellent. I have played it many times over the last couple of weeks and can’t wait for you to hear it. As you know, we are big fans of JD and his excellent label and are really happy that we could bring this to you. I think the record will be out a few days later, so you will get the first listen to the whole thing.

But Guess What, It Gets Even Better Dept.: John will be our live in studio guest. He will play music that inspired Hubba Bubba in hour 1 and then in hour 2, we will play the album and discuss. THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT ONE!!!!!!!!!

Get ready and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry


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Hour 1
01. Cripple Bastards / Vital Dreams / Your Lies In Check
02. The Anti-Job / You’re Not Real   EP
03. Clash - I’m Not Down / London Calling
04. Tinariwen – Emajer / Emmaar
05. Dee Dee King - Mashed Potato Time / Standing in the Spotlight
06. Cellular Chaos - Smothering Instinct / Cellular Chaos
07. David Bowie - Oh! You Pretty Things / Bowie At The Beeb
08. Cleanse - Track 02 / Moment Of Haste
09. Unknown Artist / Unknown Title/ Choubi Coubi (Folk And Pop Songs From Iraq)
10. Bing Selfish – Reykjavik / Selfish Works
11. Fat Worm Of Error - Mashed Potentate / Ambivalence And The Beaker
12. Hisato Higuchi - Ghost of Light / Otomeyama Bottoms
13. The Danger Men - Time Waster / The Dark Place
14. Dillinger – Ital Fighting / Ultimate Collection
15. Ute Lemper - Maskulinum –Femininum / Berlin Cabaret Songs
16. Thin Lizzy - Just the Two of Us / Vagabonds, Kings, Warriors, Angels

Hour 2
01. Egg Hunt Me And You / single
02. The Sods - Minutes To Go / Minutes To Go 
03. UK Subs - Ice Age / Diminished Responsibility (CD extra)
04. The Damned - Suicide (undubbed) / Utopia Bootleg
05. Suicide - Ghost Rider / Suicide
06. Kraftwerk – Dentaku / Computer World (Japanese)
07. Ty Segal – Handglams / Gemini
08. Steven R Smith - On Paper / Ending/Returning
09. The Minutemen - Nature Without Man / Double Nickels On The Dime Rock
10. Pilot- Magic / AM Gold 1975
11. Kas Product – Party / By Pass
12. Savages – Strife / Silence Yourself
13. Sunn O))) & Boris - The Sinking Belle (Black Sheep) / Altar