KCRW Broadcast 261 - Roger "Buzz" Osborne

Fanatics! Tonight, we are live with our very cool in-studio guest, Buzz from the Melvins! He has briefed me on the songs he is going to bring in but in an effort to not steal his thunder, I will let him roll them out.

So, for this week, we shall wait to see what the man has to say and play.

This show has been weeks in the making. Buzz and I have been going back and forth to make this work and we got it together.

I am looking forward to it and I hope you get a chance to tune in, Fanatic.

Just so you know, we have some amazing shows ready for the weeks ahead. We are very excited to put them up for you. Please tune in to every single one of them if you can!

Get ready for Buzz and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry 

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Henry Rollins and Roger Buzz Osborne

Roger "Buzz" Osborne and Henry Rollins (photo credit: Rachel Reynolds)