KCRW Broadcast 262

Fanatics! I am so happy about this batch of songs we have prepared for you.

Since we’re near spring, I thought we should get the night off to a great start with Rites of Spring. That’s a record I usually leave for the warmer months, it was great to pull it off the shelf yet again. If you notice, our first several tracks tonight are spring themed, I thought that would be a cool way to go.

Remember weeks ago when I said we would be playing Ty Segall’s version of Pretty Woman of the Our Boy Roy compilation album? Well, tonight we roll it out and it is great.

Have you ever checked out the After the Heat album by Brian Eno, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius? It’s an all-star line up. Conny Plank worked the board and I think Holger Czukay plays bass on the track we are checking out tonight. This is an excellent album. Worth the trip.

Superior Viaduct re-issued the Brigitte Fontaine LPs and they sound amazing, so I thought we better put a track on for tonight.

We finish the first hour with I think my favorite track from Sin Sin Sin by Le Butcherettes. If we have more time after they play, we will try to put in more music to get us to the end of the hour.

Our second hour is just pure perfection. How can we lose when we start and end with Kim Salmon. I just found an LP of his Sin Factory album. I only got a CD of that when it came out many years ago. Looking forward to hearing it.

Definitely showing the Teenbeat label a lot of affection tonight with our Tel Aviv and Unrest tracks. I warn you, there will be a lot of that this summer, I hope you’re okay with that. Rocket from the Tombs rip Final Solution, that might be my favorite version of that song. Interesting that Pere Ubu pulled it out at their show in LA last year.

We have not played Squatweiler for a long time. My favorite song of theirs has too much cursing on it to use on the radio but the one we have on tonight is quite nice.

I had never heard of the Space Lady before. Engineer X sent me her record and it’s pretty cool. I think she played in LA several weeks ago.

I know you have been waiting anxiously for more Sri Lankan Death Metal, so from a compilation CD that was given to me when I was there a couple of years ago, we use a Bloodline track to get us to Kim Salmon then we sign off until next week.

It’s a great show from start to finish and I hope you dig it. If you like the show, please tell a friend. We want as many people as possible tuning in.

Have a great night and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Rites of Spring - Spring / End on End 
02. Fats Waller - Spring Cleaning / Middle Years - Part 1
03. Ween – Springtheme / Pure Guava 
04. Leeches Of Lore - Dance Of The Fairy At The Springtime Witching / Leeches Of Lore
05. Billie Holiday - Some Other Spring / Complete on Verve 
06. Ty Segal - Pretty Woman / Our Boy Roy
07. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius - Tzima N’Arki / After The Heat
08. HTRK - Look At Her / Nostalgia
09. Mitty Collier - It Looks Like Rain / Shades of Genius 
10. Hot Pursuit - Spring Cleaning / Thrill Department
11. Raymond Scott - Bandito The Bongo Artist / Manhattan Research, Inc.
12. Brigitte Fontaine - Il Pleut / Est…
13. Michi Sarmiento - La Vaca Nueva / Aqui Los Bravos! Best Of Y Su Comba Bravo 1967-77
14. The Meters – Voodoo / Good Old Funky Music
15. Le Butcherettes - Mr. Tolstoi / Sin Sin Sin

Hour 2
01. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Melt Pt. 1 / Just Because You Can’t See It…
02. Tel Aviv - I Am Particular / The Shape of Fiction
03. Bootsy - Shine-O-Myte (Rag Popping) / The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away
04. Unrest - Six Layer Cake / Perfect Teeth
05. Boris - Jackson Head / Heavy Rocks
06. Terakaft - Imad Halan / Kel Tamasheq
07. Kawabata Makoto Super Station (Nishinon) / Private Tapes Vol. 03
08. Rocket From The Tombs - Final Solution / The Day The Earth Met The 
09. Squatweiler - Should I / Full Bladder
10. The Space Lady - Humdinger / Greatest Hits
11. Gene Defcon - Gonna Tell Everybody We’re Happy / Throw Up & Die
12. Bloodline - In My Dark Fantasy / Sri Lankan Heavy Metal
13. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Melt Pt. 2 / Just Because You Can’t See It…