KCRW Broadcast 264

Fanatics! As you listen to the show, if you’re with us live, I will be in Denver, Colorado, observing all things cannabis. Should make for an interesting LA Weekly article at the very least.

Tonight’s show is hopefully stoned and a great night of listening. Weeks ago, I was so happy when I saw that 4/20/14 was falling on a Sunday.

If you go through the tracks for tonight, you will see a lot of references to cannabis. Mainly, you will see that we are playing Sleep’s truly epic track Dopesmoker.

I tried to make this as Fanatic as I could. There are some interesting factoids about this release.

I think I have this fairly correct. The band made the recording in 1996. At one point, they were going to release it on London Records. I was at their offices working on a record for a different band and their product manager/A&R guy Ken Friedman told me about their single song opus. I was already a fan of the band from the Holy Mountain record. He gave me a cassette of Dopesmoker from the master.

As soon as I could, I made a CDR of it for back up. A few years later, a CD of the album popped up called Jerusalem. I bought it and it sounded like the tape I had. In 2003, Tee Pee released it on CD and LP but this time it was longer. That version eventually went out of print and then in 2012, Dopesmoker was released again, same length as the Tee Pee version.

This is where it gets interesting. Apparently, the Jerusalem version was not exactly a legit release. I a-b’d the Jerusalem version against my CDR of the tape Friedman gave me. My CDR is way better. Then I a-b’d that against the Tee Pee and Southern Lord version. I think we have different mixes here. I solo’d up certain segments and some of them are much different. I think this could be the David Sardy mix. Sardy is an excellent producer and mixer.

Okay, to get even more Fanatic. I like the Sardy mix better. I like my CDR of the tape better than the Jerusalem version. I like the Tee Pee mastering of the longer version better than the Southern Lord by a long shot. SO, Fanatic, which one to use? I say we go with my CDR right off the metal cassette off the master. This is the one you are less likely to have heard. Fanatic, this is how we do it, right?!

This is what you’re listening to tonight. Our other tracks make reference to marijuana and getting high. You might be interested in the time periods the tracks come from.

I am just putting this out there . . . I think we have a great show tonight. I hope you dig it. Thank you so much for tuning however you are. It doesn’t matter to me if you hear the show days later on archive, I am just glad you get to the show at all.

As to 4/20/14—whatever you do, do it responsibly.

Keep your screen clean and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry

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01. Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf / Master of Reality
02. Sleep – Dopesmoker pt. 1 / Dopesmoker 
03. Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong / Black Sunday (clean version)
04. Dillinger - Marijuana In My Brain / Ultimate Collection
05. Sleep – Dopesmoker pt. 2 / Dopesmoker
06. The Harlem Hamfats - Weed Smoker’s Dream / Harlem Hamfats Vol. 1 1936 
07. Tumbleweed – Stoned / The Waterfront Years 1991-1993
08. Sleep – Dopesmoker pt. 3 / Dopesmoker

01. Sleep – Dopesmoker pt. 4 / Dopesmoker 
02. Cab Calloway - Reefer Man / 1932
03. Gong - I’ve Been Stoned Before / Camembert Electrique 
04. Rick James - Below The Funk (Pass The J) / Street Songs
05. Lee Perry - Kaya Skank / Dub-Triptych
06. Ween - Puffy Cloud / God Ween Satan
07. Fats Waller - The Reefer Song (If You’re a Viper) / Last Testament 9-23-43 
08. Steve Miller – The Joker / The Joker
09. Fidlar - Wake Bake Skate (clean) / Fidlar
10. Sleep – Dopesmoker pt. 5 / Dopesmoker