KCRW Broadcast 269

Fanatics! As the heat increases, we need music more and more. It is the perfect thing with which to deal with the temperature. I don’t know about you, Fanatic but I think that music sounds better in hot weather. It makes more sense somehow and to me at least, seems all the more essential.

Currently, I am pulling 12-15 hours a day on location so by the time I get back to the hotel, I am not good for much listening but I get in at least an hour before I have to study and try to get at least 5 hours of sleep so I can make sense the next day. There are these moments when I know I should be staying up later and listening to more music. I make up for it on my one day off.

Last Saturday, I was in Virginia on the odd day off. I signed 1500 copies of my new book A Grim Detail. Amongst other jams, I had tonight’s songs going through the speakers to keep me motivated and I must say, I believe that we have put together a great one for you.

If you are still with us at the end of the second hour, you will notice that Engineer X put in some great Sun Ra music. Apparently we were a little short on tunes and Engineer X kept us on track.

You are perhaps too young to remember but about 175 years ago, my band mates and I made a record called Life Time. It’s been out of print on vinyl for almost that long. I wanted to let you know that we have remastered the album from the master tapes and it will be re-issued on LP by Dischord. I am not sure of the release date but it’s all signed off on and good to go, so it’s up to the Dischord schedule but I have to think that it will make its appearance this year. When I get more information on that, I will let you know. Ian is very happy with the mastering and I am greatly relieved that the tape held up after so many years.

Tonight’s show was the product of a few revisions to get to the final. I think we have put together a good one and we hope that you will dig it. Thanks for tuning in, that’s what it’s all about.

Remain civilized in the heat and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry 

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Hour 1
01. The MC5 - The American Ruse / Back In the USA
02. Joey Ramone – 1969 / Don’t Worry About Me
03. Misfits - Static Age / Static Age
04. Jah Stitch - African People (3 In 1) / Original Ragga Muffin (1975 -77)
05. The Planet The - Please Don’t Kill Myself / You Absorb My Vision
06. The Minutemen - Straight Jacket / The Punch Line 
07. Iggy Pop - Bang Bang / Party
08. X-Ray Spex - Obsessed With You / Germ-Free Adolescents
09. Terror Visions - Master Wait / World of Shit
10. Enzo Kreft - I Don’t Understand It / Me Is!
11. Gétatchèw Kassa - Betchayén Tèkezié / Éthiopiques 8: Swinging Addis 1969-74
12. The Last Words - Animal World / single
13. Gene Defcon - Psycho Freakout / Come Party With Me 1999
14. Crystal Castles - Good Time / Crystal Castles
15. Ahn Nai? - Khong Khao Noi Mea Ka 99 / Molam: Thai Country Groove Vol. 01
16. Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town) / The Original Reggae Hitsound
17. Ivo Papasov - Byala Stala / Orpheus Ascending

Hour 2
01. VUM - The Jungle / White Sun
02. Damaged Bug - Sic Bay Surprise / Hubba Bubba
03. El Guapo – Underground / Fake French
04. Slim & Slam - B-19 / 1940-1942
05. Hank Williams - I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Livin’ / Live At The Grand Ole Opry
06. Floor – Scimitar / Floor
07. Chai Muansing - Pee Kow Pee Ork (Ghosts Come & Go) / Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 2
08. The Fall - Surmount All Obstacles / Middle Class Revolt
09. Huun-Huur-Tu - Mazhalyk-Ta / Ancestors Call
10. Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns / Fanfare In The Garden 
11. Howlin’ Wolf - Back Door Man / The Genuine Article
12. The Prosaics – Teeth / Aghast Agape EP 
13. Nooshafarin - Gol-E Aftab Gardoon / Pomegranates
14. Wire - The 15th / 154 
15. Joe Meek - I Hear A New World / I Hear A New World