KCRW Broadcast 27


So glad to be back with you again. Tonight, another attempt at greatness. Harnessing a strong grouping from the groaning shelves of my meager but well considered library of music, I hope to keep you stoked for a solid 120 minutes. I thought it best that we come back to the Africa album by Amanaz sooner than later. I figured History Of Man , my favorite track from the album, was a good show opener. Liquid Liquid is a band I know little about but Engineer X suggested that I check them out and he always turns me onto good stuff so I got their CD immediately and am digging it. They were a band I was familiar with in name only. Razichord is a friend of Heidi “Demon” May. She threw the CD at my head the other day and roared that I should check it out. He is from Japan and she met him when she was last there. I think the song is pretty cool it fits in well with the other stuff we’re playing tonight. Tonight’s Nick Cave track might be unfamiliar to you. I have not played it on the radio for awhile. I got this track in 1984. It was given away as a freebie cassette in a copy of Sounds magazine out of the UK. I don’t think Nick has issued the track elsewhere. I thought it would make the box set of rare stuff he released a few years ago. Also unreleased are the Peel Sessions the band did around this time period. I have them and will bring a track to our show soon. Noah Howard’s Black Ark album is a must-have I think. Recently re-issued out of the ether, it’s a real find. I have played the Snail album twice now and am digging it. I was going to play a track from it sooner but got sidetracked from it but tonight, we get at it. Pretty heavy stuff. I think we have played the Melvin Gibbs track before but it’s been awhile and I have been wanting to get it out to you for awhile. If you look over tonight’s set, you will notice a micro-concept happening here. John McLaughlin is featured three times with some pretty heavy accompaniment. This is a man who played with both Miles and Hendrix and held his own very well. Overall, I think we have a pretty cookin’ night of music to keep you company until DJ Lizatheparalyza comes in to bring the standards back up. I should say here that the sale on my stuff at my site is still on and it’s a great time to offset the beating of the postage. http://www.henryrollins.com/ takes you there. Next week, more goodness, so please tune in if you can. I hope you dig the music on tonight’s show. I have played all these songs in this set a few times through and it’s working for me! I hope it does the same for you. Listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Amanaz - History Of Man / Africa
02. The Circle Jerks - Beverly Hills / Group Sex
03. Black Sabbath - Into The Void / Master Of Reality
04. Liquid Liquid – Optimo / Liquid Liquid
05. Razichord – Why / CDR
06. Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime / Over-Nite Sensation
07. The Mark Of Cain – Battlesick / Battlesick
08. Roky Erickson - I Am / Gremlins Have Pictures
09. Miles Davis - John McLaughlin / Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Put A Spell On You / (NME cassette)
11. Noah Howard - Queen Anne / Black Ark
12. Snail – Committed / Blood
13. Jumping Jacks - Julocka Jolly / The Apollo Groups Vol. 1
14. Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba / Nuggets II
15. Boris - Woman On The Screen / Pink
16. Melvin Gibbs' Elevated Entity – Macumba / Ancients Speak
17. Hamza El Din - Did Nura Remember / Al Oud-Instrumental & Vocal
18. Ros Sereysothea - Don't Be Mad / Cambodian Rocks Volume 1
19. Mahavishnu Orchestra - John's Song / The Lost Trident Sessions
20. Babs Gonzales - Prelude To A Nightmare / Weird Lullaby
21. The Chumps - Who Killed Punk? / The Trouble With Saxophones
22. Manu Chao - Minha Galera / Clandestino
23. Axolotl - Meme Chose / Outmanoeuvre
24. Mad Season - X-Ray Mind / Above
25. Jimi Hendrix/John McLaughlin – Jam / The Master's Masters
26. Johnny Clarke - In The Roots Of The Ghetto / Dreader Than Dread 1976-1978