KCRW Broadcast 293

Fanatic! Hey, thanks for reading these notes. No matter how many times I say on the show that these notes exist, people still write and ask what song was playing at whatever time. It’s all here, Fanatic!

As I write these notes, I am listening to the remastered version of Wire’s awesome Document & Eyewitness album. Remastering great! What a collection. I was always fascinated by this record. The more I read about, the more interesting it became. I will let you do your own research as you see fit. I think in a way, it’s their best record.

Anyway, tonight’s show is again, the very best and designed specifically to bring two hours joy to your life.

I have been listening to Ex Hex’s album a lot lately, so again, we are rocking a track from it.

New Ausmuteants. Their new album Order of Operation is great! Been listening to this one a lot.

Tonight’s show has a lot of Kosmische Musik. November feels just right for these tunes.

Fanatic, November in Los Angeles is so strange. It’s hot. It’s dry. The sun keeps coming out. Bright and sunny! I am sick of it! I want cold and gray!

Tonight, we rock a track from Can’s Ege Bamyasi. I have been listening to this one a lot over the last two weeks. It’s a great one!

We rock a track from a band on Tess Brunet’s label called the Chambers. I don’t know anything about them. Cool band. Here’s an address to check them live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blbWGh7Doa0. She put their single out on a label she co-owns in Louisiana. Here’s the address of their page: http://www.lagniapperecords.com/. She sent me the files several weeks ago but didn’t want them played for awhile, so now, we unleash one!

Next week, we have a great show with the entire second hour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the mighty Utech label out of Wisconsin. More info on this really cool label here: http://www.utechrecords.com/

It will be excellent. Until then, dig all the tunes Engineer X and I have put together for you. We hope you dig the show. Keep listening and if you feel like it, tell a friend.

Keep listening and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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01. Ex Hex - Don’t Wanna Lose / Rips 
02. T.V. Smith – Replay / I Delete 
03. Kraftwerk - Elektrisches Roulette / Ralf und Florian 
04. Ausmuteants – Wrong / Order of Operation
05. Straight Arrows - Fruit of the Forest / Rising
06. Klaus Schulze - Satz: Gewitter (Energy Rise Energy Collaps) / Irrlicht
07. David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car / Low
08. Nightmare - Great Balls of Fire / single
09. Khun Paw Yann - (Unknown) / Guitars Of The Golden Triangle Vol. 2
10. Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands / You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine
11. Doctor Mix & The Remix - Out Of The Question / Wall of Noise 
12. Spizzenergi - Cold City / Where’s Captain Kirk? The Very Best Of Spizz
13. Thee Oh Sees - Sewer Fire / Moon Sick 
14. Om - Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead / Pilgrimage

01. Hawkwind - Lord Of Light (single version) / Doremi Fasol Latido 
02. The Buzzcocks / Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady
03. Metabolist - Hoi Hoi Hoi / Hansten Klork 
04. Minutemen - Black Sheep / Joy EP
05. The Misfits - Ghouls Night Out / 12 Hits From Hell
06. Meatbodies - The Master / Meatbodies
07. Can – Spoon / Ege Bamyasi
08. Steven R. Smith - So How And Ever / Lineaments
09. Butch Willis & The Rocks - November Day / 1999 Teenbeat Sampler 
10. The Chambers - Touchless Automatic / Chambers 7”
11. Conrad Schnitzler - Start ID 2 / 00/106
12. Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – Bull / Soused