KCRW Broadcast 30


I think we have another great mix for the show! I worked on this one for several days and it just passed the car test and so we go to the station with it and see what you all think. We are starting with some rockin' material and then moving onto other climes.

I don't know if many of you are aware of a Dee Dee Ramone album called Zonked. It features some guest vocalists, one being Lux Interior on a great track called Bad Horoscope and Joey Ramone on the track we are playing tonight. It's a happy discovery to hear these tracks as many times, they have slipped by many and it's great to hear new tracks that feature either vocalist. Tonight, it's the Joey track and perhaps next week, we can rock the Lux track. I don't think we have listened to much gamelan music so far this year. Track 16, this is music from Java that I encountered in 1997 and was so knocked out by it that I tracked down every Javanese record I could get my hands on. Many of the ones I found many years ago, seem to be out of print now. I guess there's only a limited interest in them. Tonight's most interesting track, in my opinion at least comes from Honest Marquee. They sent me this CDR several weeks ago. It took me awhile to get to it but I did and I dug it. I wrote them and told them I was going to play some of their music, they seemed pleased. So, tonight, we listen to them for the second time. Again, another shameless plug for the Crude documentary. I think it's worth seeing. I wanted to thank you Fanatics for being so cool and open minded. Last week, we took the show a bit out there as they say and I got so many cool letters saying how much you enjoyed all that. Thanks for being so open to things, it makes it all the more exciting when putting together shows. It's lame when you have to slow down or limit yourself and you all are ready for anything and that's fantasticto know. SO, I hope you dig the show and until next week, STAY FANATIC!!!  

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