KCRW Broadcast 304

Fanatic! Easily one of our best shows this year! Great track by Wand. Really cool album, sent to us by Larry at In the Red Records. Great track and another track from the album lined up for next week. I don’t know much about them but I like this album a lot.

Engineer X came by recently and laid a bunch of music on me. He is full time, all over the music search. He gave me a large file of songs and I had not heard of any of the bands except for a few. We will feature some of these bands tonight. I apologize for not knowing nothing about the bands, this is all hot off the press.

The Lower Plenty! I am such a fan. I had the Hard Rubbish album for months but had not played it. Several nights ago, I put it on and it was love at first listen. I found some of their other records and they’re all working for me. We will be getting into this band as the weeks go on.

2015 hardly started and Ty Segall has two new releases. The very cool Mr. Face EP, double 7” set. We rock a track tonight and I reckon will get through all four songs. Also, a live album, as well as a two song single. I just got the two singles and am waiting on the live album. It will all go into the mix as we go forward.

Hopefully, some of you made it to the Chain & The Gang show on the 15th at Satellite. Wow! What a great show! Perhaps some of you noticed a new song, at least new to me, The Logic of Night. I think it was my favorite song of the night. Their 4 (!) albums are all great but live, that’s where it really cooks.

If you look at the songs we have lined up for the show, you can see that we are bringing on some new bands and artists to keep it lively. I will be relating a lot of the info during the show for more details.

Next week’s show is already started and it’s going to be great, so tune in if you can.

I don’t have a crystal ball but I think it’s going to be a great year for music. Three words to leave you with: Russell Street Bombings. Not the event, the band. Very cool. I think you’re going to dig them. When I get the green light to play tracks, we will get into it.

Have a great listen and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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01. Wand – Clearer / Ganglion Reef 
02. Wish - The Days / Wish 
03. Lower Plenty - Dirty Flowers / Hard Rubbish 
04. Die Cheerleader - Pigskin Parade / Son Of Filth 
05. Scorpions - He’s a Woman - She’s a Man / Taken By Force   
06. Total Control - Meds II / single 
07. Sprites - George Romero / Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 24 
08. I IM EYE MY - Gotta Make The Hay When The Sun Shines / 7 Transmissions 
09. Yellow Swans – Echo / Ded Yellow Swans
10. Ty Segall - Mr. Face / Mr. Face EP 
11. Billy Bones - Cool Girl With The Vinyl Collection / The Complexity Of Stupidity 
12. Young Prisms - Better Days / In Between 
13. Crystal Castles - Pale Flesh / Crystal Castles III
14. HTRK - Kiss Before The Fall / Marry Me Tonight 
15. Five Blobs - The Blob / Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 2 

01. John Lee Hooker - Make It Funky / Free Beer And Chicken 
02. The Meters - Gettin’ Funkier All The Time / Cabbage Alley 
03. The Hot 8 Brass Band - Keepin’ It Funky / New Orleans Brass Bands: Through the Streets of the City 
04. Gene Defcon - Funky Reggae Jam / Throw Up & Die 
05. Red Aunts – Alright / Come Up For A Closer Look 
06. The Screamer - Infant Son / The Screamer
07. Chain & The Gang - I’m a Choice (Not a Child) / Minimum Rock n Roll 
08. Don Cherry - Taste Maker / Where is Brooklyn?
09. ZZ Top - Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers / Tres Hombres 
10. Black Arrows Of Filth And Impurity - Nuclear Facelift (Mantra Of The Maggot) / 1984 (Eternal) 
11. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Happy Place / The Power Of Negative Thinking
12. Big Star - Till The End Of The Day / Third/Sister Lovers 
13. The Pretty Things - Bracelets of Fingers / CDR 
14. De La Soul - Plug Tunin / 3 Feet High And Rising 
15. Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl / The Golden Age Of American Rock ‘N’ Roll