KCRW Broadcast 309

Fanatic! On a roll or what?! It is time for another amazing grouping of songs. With all the great music out there, our job is easy. Tonight, we rock more of the Russell Street Bombings record. Very cool. Here is where you get info: http://www.smartguyrecords.com/RSB/index.htm

We are rockin’ some cool stuff on the Feeding Tube label tonight. This is a label that I am very excited by. We have been playing stuff from this label for a few weeks now. Here is their address: http://feedingtuberecords.com/

The Guerilla Toss record they have listed there, Smack The Brick is really cool. I have not heard one song of theirs that I have not liked. We will get more of their stuff happening on the next show.

For the last two nights I have been listening to a band who makes their vinyl debut on Feeding Tube. They are called Asian Women On The Telephone, or AWOTT. Their album Ivan is way out there. Last night, I went to their bandcamp page: http://asianwomenonthetelephone.bandcamp.com/ and was happy to see they had so many releases. I have been listening loud ever since. Definitely getting more AWOTT into the mix.

Taking a break from AWOTT, I am currently listening to a very interesting and happening CD: 

I have been on a Jutok Kaneko / Urabe Masayoshi kick lately and was lead to this record. Total brain damage and all the way back in 1979.

If you find yourself digging the Alex Cameron stuff as much as I am, here is that address again. Brutal!: http://alexcamerononline.net.au/Homepage.html

I think the album is gone but if we’re lucky, maybe he will grace us with another pressing. Fingers crossed. You can listen for free here: http://www.alexcamerononline.net.au/Music2.html

We hope you like the show and the Henry & Heidi podcasts as well. 

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Hour 1
01. Grace Lee And The Stylers - Why Are You Not Smiling? /  Singapore A-Go-Go 
02. Barcelona - Buying Records Won’t Make Me Feel Better / Studio Hair Gel EP
03. Russell Street Bombings - Homicide Squad / Russell Street Bombings
04. Seekae - Oxen Calm / The Worry
05. Alex Cameron - The Comeback / Jumping the Shark 
06. Lost Sounds - Black Coats White Fear / Blac Static
07. 2nd Layer - Japanese Headset / World of Rubber
08. Bugs and Rats – Competition / Bugs and Rats
09. Heart Breakers - Chinese Rocks (Live) / Born Too Loose 
10. Metal Urbain - Lady Coca Cola (Demo 1976) / Chef d’Oeuvre 
11. HTRK - Rent Boy / Marry Me Tonight
12. Sun Ra - New Planet / Continuation
13. Jack Name - Waiting For Another Moon / Weird Moons 
14. Trin Tran - Eyes The Size / Far Reaches EP
15. Erasmo Carlos - Mane Joao / Brazil 70 After Tropicalia
16. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Joke Shop Man / Keynsham

Hour 2
01. Scientist – Scientist (Stalag 17) / Dub Massive Chapter Two 
02. Saint Vitus - War Is Our Destiny / Hallow’s Victim
03. Dead Machines - Track 03 / Live From Sandblasters Court (AM 276)
04. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem - Petit Sapin / Vous Et Nous
05. Ty Segall - Fuzzy Cat / Singles 2007-2010
06. David Lynch - I Know / Crazy Clown Time
07. Living Eyes - On Sale / Living Large
08. Ex-Cult - Meda House Company / Cigarette Machine 
09. Booker Ervin - Take The A Train / Structurally Sound
10. Team Doyobi – 58008 / The Kphanapic Fragments
11. Wand - Self Hypnosis In Three Days / Golem 
12. Meatbodies – Two / Meatbodies 
13. Dr. Rieser - Drapeau Benis / Alan Lomax in Haiti 
14. David Bowie - Scary Monsters / Vampires of Human Flesh