KCRW Broadcast 311

Fanatic!  I don’t know where you are listening from but here in Los Angeles, the weather is heating up. The frogs are singing and it feels like we are going right past spring and heading into summer. The time leapt ahead and we’re off to a seasonal change. It took me a couple of weeks to adjust the show. As you know, we often go with light cycle/season with our selection. The calendar is saying one thing but the smell in the air and the temperature is saying another, hence the music we have been enjoying lately.

As always, great music awaits you, Fanatic. Thank you for tuning in and also, thanks for checking out the podcasts Heidi and I have been doing. We are going at it with great determination.

Next week’s show is already underway as we shake off the slowness of winter and move towards the swelter. Prepare!

Thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Devo - Be Stiff / Hardcore Devo Live 
02. Dick Diver - New Start Again / New Start Again
03. Guerilla Toss - Gay Disco / Gay Disco 
04. Ngozi Family - Kumanda Kwa Bambo Wanga / Day of Judgment 
05. X-Ray Spex - I Am a Cliché / Germ Free Adolescents 
06. La Sera - Running Wild / Hour of the Dawn 
07. Asian Women On The Telephone - Kljuch, Zamok, Yazyk
08. Ty Segall – Finger / Melted 
09. The Mae Shi - Young Marks / Hllyh 
10. King Tubby & Friends - Stealing Version / Dub Like Dirt 
11. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Sowing Seeds / Psychocandy 
12. Suicide – Johnny / Suicide
13. Stick Insect – Mites / Circular Scratch 
14. Dee Dee Ramone w/ Lux Interior - Bad Horoscope / Zonked
15. Irvin (Gar Mouth) Lowry - Joe De Grinder / Field Recordings - Vol 2 - NC, SC, GA, TN, AR (‘26-‘43)  
16. Le Butcherettes - Shame, You’re All I’ve Got / Cry is for the Flies

Hour 2
01. Male Gaze - Smog Dawn / Gale Maze 
02. Suzuki Junzo - Portrait Of Madeleine Elster / Portrait Of Madeleine Elster 
03. Summer Flake - You Can Have It All / You Can Have It All 
04. (New England) Patriots – David / (New England) Patriots 
05. VA - Induction Temperature / Radio Vietnam 
06. Alex Cameron - The Internet / Jumping the Shark
07. Nervous Patterns - Robots On The Loose / Nervous Patterns
08. Cloudland Canyon - Scheiße Schatzi, Auf Wiedersehen / Lie In Light
09. Led Zeppelin - Boogie With Stu (Sunset Sound Mix) / Physical Graffiti
10. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - I Put A Spell On You / NME cassette 
11. Roky Erickson - For You (I’d Do Anything) / Soundtrack - You’re Gonna Miss
12. Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot / Clear Spot