KCRW Broadcast 315

4-08-15 LA CA: 1239 hrs. This weekend will be the end of the first Coachella Festival for 2015. A lot of music and a lot of desert. Here in Los Angeles, in rained for like a whole ten minutes last night. I had the windows open, trying to enjoy it while it lasted. Hopefully, wherever you are, it’s warming up and you’re getting something other than snow falling on your head.

Last night, right after the rain stopped, I sat in front of the speakers and listened to Bowie’s Lodger album. It had been awhile and I just got a good condition pressing out of Germany so I figured this was the time. There is something about the vinyl version of the album that makes listening to it on CD pale in comparison. The second to last song, which deals with domestic abuse, always pulls me out of the moment. It’s a great record for warm weather.

I have a lot of fun listening to music seasonally. The last several days, I have been pulling records off the shelf that I haven’t listened since last August. I have it in my head that someone records just don’t sound right in certain temperatures. I have memory if I always listened to music this way or when I started but it’s what I do. I have also come to the conclusion that music in general sounds better when the weather is warmer.

As we were putting together this week’s show, I petitioned Cherry Red for a track off the new Fall album Sub-Lingual Tablet. I waited for a day and heard nothing back, so I went ahead and finished the song selection. Right after Engineer X had everything all put together, Cherry Red very generously sent me the CD and LP mixes of the album and permission to start playing tracks immediately. So, we will get into that next week. Some really good songs on it. I had to write Eric J Lawrence over at KCRW and ask if he had heard the album, which of course, he had. He likes it. So, get ready for some new Fall music next week.

The VUM show set for April 19 at Jewel’s Catch One is canceled. You can always go here for updates: http://vummusic.com/shows/

Enjoy the show and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Flin Flon – Ukraina / A-OK
02. Sort Sol – Abyss / Dagger & Guitar
03. Spaceships - Washed Out / Spaceships
04. The Immortals - Hot Tears / Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump
05. The Teen Idles - Get Up And Go / 20 Years Of Dischord
06. Eddie Cochran - C’mon Everybody / Best Of
07. Thin Lizzy - Are You Ready (studio version) / The Man and His Music Vol. 5
08. Ex Hex - Don’t Wanna Lose / Rips
09. Trouble Funk - Say What / Singles
10. Minutemen - This Road / What Makes A Man Start Fires?
11. Lucifer - It’s Lucifer! / Lucifer
12. UK Subs - She’s Not There / Punk Rock Singles
13. Dee Dee Ramone – Timebomb / Greatest and Latest
14. The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose (Orig mix) / LAMF Definitive Edition
15. James White - Designed To Kill / Buy
16. Television - See No Evil / Marquee Moon
17. Black Tambourine - We Can’t Be Friends / Complete Recordings

Hour 2
01. The Misfits - Static Age / Box set
02. Kama Rupa - The Wolf Is Dread / Sinistras Sanguis
03. Hawkwind - The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) / Hall Of The Mountain Grill
04. Ty Segall - The Hill / Gemini
05. The Julie Ruin – Brightside / single
06. Rowland S Howard - I Burnt Your Clothes / Teenage Snuff Film
07. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - From Her To Eternity / Peel 1984
08. Mick Harvey - Intoxicated Man / The Intoxicated Man
09. Kas Product - Smooth Down / By Pass
10. Soft As Snow - All Our Beasts / Glass Body
11. Bryan Ferry – Avonmore / Avonmore
12. Hookworms – Retreat / The Hum
13. Gary Calamar - I Got An Idea / You Are What You Listen To