KCRW Broadcast 33


A couple of days ago, I put together what I thought was going to be this broadcast. It was in its first draft anyway. It was sounding good to me. I came in last night and read an e-mail from Ian MacKaye. Brendan Mullen had passed away. After writing Ian back and thinking about the last times I spoke to Brendan, I knew we were going to have to do a different show and got to work on it. I wrote down all the bands I thought would be good to play in his memory and went to sleep. This morning I put that part of the show together. Then I read that Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer passed away and knew I had to get a track from Vincebus Eruptum on the show, even though we listened to a track from it a few weeks ago. Here's some info on Dickie.

live_at_masque.jpgBrendan, damn, he was a cornerstone in the early LA Punk Scene. His club, The Masque was ground zero for so many bands. He was a good guy with a memory like a steel trap. Many years ago, I went through some of his ridiculous photo and flyer collection from back in the day. Incredible. Here's a cool book that Brendan did:

Tonight, we will listen to music that Brendan was on the scene for, bands that he put onstage, knew and worked with. He was a good guy and will be missed.

Here's an obit for Brendan.

Our Brendan tribute makes for some great listening anyway. Our second hour starts with Blue Cheer. Very happy that Ellyn Maybe's new CD of poetry is out. We'll play a track from it and see what you think. Have we played the Scorpions on our show yet? It's about time is all I can say.

So hopefully, you will dig this show, even though some of its inspiration is from a place of sadness. I am lucky to have met Brendan and hung out with him as much as I did. I went through all the e-mail he sent me over the years and they reminded me of how funny he was.

Tonight's Cramps track was donated to the mix by our main man in the Midwest, Joel Fanatic From Ohio. If you want to read some really good writing on music, go to his blog where he reviews an album a day. What stamina!

Next week, we will have an amazing concept broadcast. We will listen to The Damned's Black Album in its entirety along the corresponding singles and outtakes as well. It's going to be a fantastic broadcast of one the bestest albums of all time. Please tune in if you can! Until next week,


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01. X - Johnny Hit And Run Paulene / Los Angeles
02. The Weirdos - A Life Of Crime / Destroy All Music
03. The Germs - Lexicon Devil / Germs Complete
04. The Screamers - 122 Hours Of Fear / In A Better World
05. The Alleycats - Too Much Junk / Dangerhouse Vol. Two
06. The Bags - Survive / Dangerhouse Vol. One
07. Catholic Discipline - Underground Babylon / Decline Of Western Civilization
08. The Skulls – Victims / What? Stuff
09. The Controllers - Electric Church / The Controllers
10. The Flesh Eaters - The Word Goes Flesh / Tooth And Nail
11. The Deadbeats - Kill Hippies / single
12. The Randoms - Let's Get Rid Of NY / Dangerhouse Vol. One
13. Black Randy & The Metrosquad – I Slept In An Arcade / Dangerhouse Vol. Two
14. The Eyes – Disneyland / Dangerhouse Vol. One
15. The Dickies - Give It Back / The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
16. Rhino 39 - Prolixin Stomp / Rhino 39
17. UXA - Social Circle / Tooth And Nail
18. F-Word - Government Official / Live From The Masque
19. Blue Cheer - Parchment Farm / Vincebus Eruptum
20. The Beauty Pill - Prison Song / The Unsustainable Lifestyle
21. John Cale – Chickenshit / Animal Justice EP
22. The Cramps – Garbage Man / Last Supper bootleg, perfected by Joel
23. Ellyn Maybe - There Were Two Girls Who Looked A Lot The Same / Rodeo For The Sheepish
24. The Saints - Know Your Product / Eternally Yours
25. The Scorpions - Dark Lady / In Trance
26. Einstürzende Neubauten – Sehnsucht / Halber Mensch
27. Thin Lizzy - Buffalo Gals / The Continuing Saga Of The Aging Orphans
28. Will Bentley - New Song / Bentley Comes Alive
29. Tony Iommi - Laughing Man In The Devil Mask / Iommi