KCRW Broadcast 332

Fanatic! I hope you are surviving August. Los Angeles is incredibly hot. It makes doing almost anything during the day miserable.

We have a tremendous set of music for you here. Hopefully, you find it to be as great as we do.

Just heads up. On our show for the 30th, all around indie titan and cool music maven, Julia Wilson of Rice Is Nice Records in Australia will be in Southern Cal and will be live at the station to play cool tracks from Australia. This was my idea that I foisted on her a few days ago when she told me she would be in town. Luckily for us, she is a good sport. She is the one who gave us the Alex Cameron Jumping the Shark album as well as all that cool Summer Flake and Donny Benet music. I am hoping she lets us play some of the new Summer Flake album, which is great.

I have been going back and forth with the press person handling the next Le Butcherettes album. We are trying to get a chance to hear the whole thing before it comes out. I’ll keep you posted. It’s another amazing record from Teri and company.

Get ready for some great music on this show. Listen at least three times through and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Crystal Castles – Kerosene / Crystal Castles III 
02. Ramones - It’s a Long Way Back / Road To Ruin 
03. Aias - A La Piscina / A La Piscina 
04. Ty Segall – Caesar / Singles 2007-2010   
05. U.K. Subs - Keep On Running / Diminished Responsibility 
06. Unrest - Bavarian Mods (Remix) / B.P.M. (1991-1994)  
07. The Ruts - The Crack / Singles Collection 
08. The Ran-Dells - Martian Hop / Lux & Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 6 
09. The Newcomers - The Martian Hop / Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1972-1975 
10. The Fall – Two Librans - The Unutterable 
11. Damaged Bug - Der Mond / Cold Hot Plumbs 
12. Ex Hex - You Fell Apart / Rips 
13. Squatweiler - Should I / Full Bladder
14. My Cat Is An Alien - Love Is Like A Hiss From Outer Space / What Space Is Made For
15. Miles Davis – Sanctuary / Newport: 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4

Hour 2
01. Rain – Rivers / La Vache Qui Rit 
02. Embrace - Dance of Days / Embrace
03. EL Guapo - Fake French / Fake French 
04. Rites Of Spring - End on End / Six Song Demo 
05. The Snakes - Fixing A Chair / I Won’t Love You (Til You’re More Like Me) 
06. Olympic Death Squad - Show Your Age / Blue 
07. Unrest - Cath Carroll / Perfect Teeth 
08. Flin Flon – Darlings / Darlings 
09. Mark Robinson - Volunteers Conquering Fires / Tiger Banana 
10. Air Miami - Afternoon Train / Me. Me. Me.  
11. Television - Marquee Moon / Marquee Moon 
12. Robert Johnson - Me and the Devil Blues / Complete Recordings 
13. Sroeng Santi - Nam Man Pang / Zud Rang Maa