KCRW Broadcast 341

Fanatic. Due to the circumstances of life, we have put together a different show than the one we had planned previously. In the space of a few days, we have lost two very important people in the music world.

Last Wednesday, on October 7, Gail Zappa passed away at age 70. She maintained the integrity of her husband’s massive body of work with creativity and the utmost vigilance, putting out unreleased material and making sure the FZ catalog remained in print and upgraded sound quality when the opportunity presented itself. All those great remasters and super cool releases of FZ through the years—you can thank Gail for that.

For the last few years, I was kindly invited to her birthday party which was on January 1. It was easy to tell how happy everyone was to be there and how happy she was to have the place filled with such amazing people. I am extremely lucky to have met her a few times and experience her kindness and generosity. I miss her.

I thought it would be right and respectful to re-make the show and put in some great Frank Zappa music so we could all think of Gail and the Zappa family.

This morning I woke up to an email from John Travis of Drop In the Bucket informing me that Steve Mackay, the great sax player had passed away. I knew his health was not good and had been keeping up with his status through people close to him.

I was fortunate to visit with Steve on many occasions, all over the world. I think the last time I saw him was a few years ago, when the Stooges played in Seoul, South Korea and in typical Fanatic mode, I flew out there for the show. He was a friendly, hard swinging horn player. Steve Mackay was a Stooge all the way.

There was no way we could let these two amazing people, gifts to the world of music, not be mentioned and celebrated on the show if it was possible, so here we are.

I have been here all day, drafting the show and I think it’s ready. I will be at the station in a few hours with Engineer Am-Rock and we will do this.

Thank you for listening and STAY FANATIC. 
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Frank Zappa – WPLJ / Burnt Weeny Sandwich 
02. The Damned - Neat Neat Neat / Damned Damned Damned 
03. Generation X - No No No (B-side To Ready Steady Go)  
04. Buzzcocks – Fast Cars / Another Music In A Different Kitchen 
05. The Ruts - Demolition Dancing / Grin and Bear It 
06. The Adverts - We Who Wait / Singles Collection 
07. The Stooges – 1970 / Live Big Day Out 2006 
08. The UK Subs - Emotional Blackmail Parts 1 & 2 / Backstage comp. LP
09. Alternative TV - Action Time Vision / The Image Has Cracked 
10. The Clash – 1977 / Black Market Clash
11. Wire – Lowdown / Pink Flag 
12. Wand – Lower Order / 1000 Days 
13. Suicide - Rocket USA / Suicide 
14. 999 – Tulse Hill Night / Separates 
15. Frank Zappa – Trouble Every Day / Kill Ugly Radio Some More

Hour 2
01. The Stooges – Lost In the Future (take 3) / Fun House Sessions   
02. The Art Attacks - Frankenstein’s Heartbeat / Vortex Live 
03. Eater – You / The Album 
04. Ty Segall – Fast Cars / Live in Austin 3-15-14 
05. One Last Wish - Break to Broken / 1986
06. Le Butcherettes - La Uva (w/ Iggy Pop) / A Raw Youth
07. The Models - Man of the Year / I Wanna Punk Rock box set 
08. The Untouchables - Rat Patrol / Flex Your Head 
09. Public Image - Public Image / First Issue
10. Frank Zappa – The Orange County Lumber Truck / Weasels Ripped My Flesh 
11. The Killjoys – Naïve / Raw Records Punk Singles Collection 
12. XYZ – Bubblegum / XYZ 
13. The Stooges – Fun House (Take 3) / Fun House Sessions