KCRW Broadcast 346

Fanatic! As I write this, I am in Antwerp Belgium, in an enormous production hall, where we have been rehearsing for the Gutterdämmerung rollout tomorrow night in London. We will run through everything here one more time and then get on the train and head to London. I won’t be there for long but it’s always great to be there.

The band that is powering the show is Iggy’s band and it’s great to hang out with them. I met them several weeks ago at Riot Fest in Chicago. All really good guys and great players.

By the time this broadcast airs on Sunday, I will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The next few days will be a bit of a blur to say the least.

Therefore, it’s a good thing this show was done in advance! It is a great show, full of a lot of the records we have been following lately as well as paying attention to the fact that it is November.

I am actually getting some fall like weather out here. We have had a little rain, some overcast skies and great smelling air. Too bad we’re stuck in a windowless box for 9 hrs. a day doing things over and over, but that’s the nature of production.

We hope you enjoy the show. I have played it a few times through and think it turned out well. Until next week, listen to a lot of music and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight / The Idiot 
02. David Bowie – Sons of the Silent Age / Heroes 
03. Wand – Broken Sun / 1000 Days 
04. Le Butcherettes - My Mallely / A Raw Youth 
05. Wire – Fragile / Pink Flag 
06. Fuzz - Bringer Of Light / Fuzz II 
07. Kraftwerk – Ätherwellen / Radio-Aktivität 
08. Captain Beefheart - Golden Birdies / Clear Spot
09. La Hell Gang - Everywhere I Go / Thru Me Again
10. Barbecue Bob - Thinkin’ Funny Blues / Complete Vol. 01 
11. Sarah Mary Chadwick – Shards / Eating for Two 
12. Drinks - Eighteen Teenage Revenge Pair / single b-side 
13. The Fall - New Face In Hell / Grotesque

Hour 2
01. Soccer Team - Too Many Lens Flares / Real Lessons in Cynicism 
02. Can - One More Night / Ege Bamyasi   
03. Beauty Pill - The Cigarette Girl From The Future / same title 
04. Lemon Kittens - Whom Do I Have to Ask? / Spoonfed and Writhing 
05. Butch Willis & The Rocks - November Day / 1999 Teenbeat Sampler 
06. Ulaan Khol - From There to Here / Salt 
07. Unrest – Isabel / Perfect Teeth (7” Box Set) 
08. Adverts - Television’s Over / Singles Collection 
09. Trin Tran - An. Man / Dark Radar 
10. Zig Zags – Slime / Slime EP 
11. Cluster – Halwa / Sowiesoso 
12. Olivia Neutron-John – Vulnerability / Olivia Neutron-John