KCRW Broadcast 348

Fanatic! This is a first. I am writing to you from a ship, moving north out of the Arctic Peninsula. It has been an amazing week of sights and information. There is a lot to know about this part of the world from the different kinds of ice, the formation of glaciers, the explorers and those who came to hunt down the wildlife here. I wish we were still going south but in a few days, I will be back in Argentina and eventually, Los Angeles.

We have a fantastic show here for you. I am listening to the tracks now and it’s keeping my small cabin on the port side rockin’. I think we have a good cruise around the record store.

Next week’s show will have a little Dinosaur Jr. in it as on Thursday, the 3rd, the band will celebrate 30 years of excellence with 7 sold out shows at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. As you might have guessed, I will be there for all of them. Be looking for me on the J side of the stage, getting a guitar heavy mix. I am looking forward to a week of pizza and Dinosaur Jr. jams.

I saw a lot of penguins out here. Mostly Gentoo but also some Chinstrap and Adelie. They’re all different and quite distinctive, so telling them apart is not difficult. They also have different calls, which I found to be really interesting.

I hope you enjoy this gathering of tunes and get ready for great shows happening in December.

Stay warm and STAY FANATIC!!!
– Henry

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