KCRW Broadcast 350

Fanatic! I am in NYC at this time, one Dinosaur Jr. show a night. It’s Wednesday, December 9. Tonight is the last show of the 7 at the Bowery Ballroom.

Every night has been great and unique. Mike Watt hit stage last night and the band did TV Eye and Fun House. One of the high points of the run. Bob Mould guested a few nights ago and that was amazing as well. The guests have all been great but of course, it’s the band that is really delivering. Damn, J, Lou and Murph are playing well. It’s been a blast to see them night after night.

The below tunes were assembled several days ago so I have had the chance to listen down a couple of times and I think we have yet another good show. Engineer X, Engineer Am-Rock and myself are merely the ones who place the music and get it to leave the station and go to you. As always, the music is the star of the show. In a way, it is only ours to screw up, so we try to be as careful as we can to never do that.

When I get back to Los Angeles, I will be working on our January shows and can’t wait to get started on 2016.

I ran into Page Hamilton from Helmet last night. He says he has some new work finished and promised to keep in touch, so hopefully we will hear what he’s up to at some point next year.

We hope you dig the show we have for you and we look forward to getting together with you next week.

Keep it weird and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Jay Reatard - No Time / Matador Singles ‘08 
02. The Drifters - Rat Race / The Drifters Box 
03. Jesse Belvin - My Satellite / Goodnight My Love 
04. Bootsy - #1 Funkateer / The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away 
05. The Saints - The Ballad / Eternally Yours
06. Dillinger - Daylight Saving Time / If Deejay Was Your Trade 
07. Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue – Outskirts / Lords of the Manor 
08. Jimmy Giuffre - Man Alone / Free Fall 
09. T.V. Smith - Home Town / I Delete 
10. Tom Bell - Worried Blues / Alabama - From Lullabies to Blues 
11. The Blind Shake - Red River Visionaries / Key To A False Door   
12. German Army - Dimensions of Behavior / Clan Chieftains 
13. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures 
14. The Birthday Party - Bully Bones / Peel Sessions   
15. Cabaret Voltaire – Landslide / Red Mecca   
16. The Conet Project - 2 Letter ‘El’ (G16) / The Conet Project
17. Onuma Singsiri - Mai Kha Som Tam / The Sounds of Siam Leftfield Luk Thung 
18. Wire - Go Ahead (rehearsal) / Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980

Hour 2
01. Yes I’m Leaving – Undertow / Mission Bulb 
01. Hierophants - Conspiracy Theory / Parallax Error
03. Fuzz - Red Flag / Fuzz II 
04. High Tension - What’s Left / Bully 
05. Hisato Higuchi – Uncertain / Otomeyama Bottoms 
06. The Warmers - Red Light Runner / Wanted: More 
07. Nico - Henry Hudson / The Drama of Exile 
08. Buzzcocks – Boredom / Time’s Up 
09. The Fall - English Scheme / Grotesque 
10. Soccer Team - If You Were Here / Real Lessons In Cynicism 
11. Point Juncture, WA – Biathlon / Heart To Elk 
12. Creeping Pink – Peaches / Caped In At Mirror Woods 
13. Cluster - Dem Wanderer / Sowiesoso 
14. Burnt Ones - Infinity Suite / The Space Lady / Burnt Ones Split 
15. Thee Oh Sees - Sticky Hulks / Mutilator Defeated At Last