KCRW Broadcast 353

Fanatic, the below was written before the passing of Lemmy. If I were to write this again now, it would be quite a bit more restrained. Lemmy was a good man. We are very lucky to have so much good music he made for us. Henry 12-31-15 1336 hrs.

Fanatic! Happy new year to you. I am elated that KCRW has seen fit to allow us onto the airwaves yet again. If you look below, you will see nothing but great jams, one after another.

I have listened to the tracks of this show as a mix tape twice now and I believe it’s ready to go.

Presently, I am listening to a re-issue of an early Scientist album called Introducing Scientist. It’s on Superior Viaduct, which is unrelenting in great releases. I bought the re-issue of this on Important years ago. Damn, this sounds great. Next week, we will open the show with a track from it. Here is more information: http://www.superiorviaduct.com/collections/featured/products/scientist-introducing-scientist-the-best-dub-album-in-the-world-lp

What’s on for this show is just a cool mix of tunes. Hopefully, you have had a few days off and got some records played without a lot of other things jumping off.

By the time this show airs, I will be in Berlin getting ready for the first of many shows all over the world. I will be putting together tracks from several points and communicating with Engineer X and Engineer Am-Rock loooooooong distance.

Now, if you think that I am going to spend a couple of pre-show nights in Berlin, sitting in coffee places at night, listening to Bowie and Iggy, you’re . . . absolutely right, Fanatic!

Happy 2016 and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Lightnin’ Hopkins - Happy New Year / Sittin’ In With Lightnin’ Hopkins 
02. Gun Club - Black Train / Fire of Love
03. The Blue Jays - Lover’s Island / The Doo Wop Box II 
03. Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – Stay / Golden Age Of American Rock ‘N’ Roll - Vol. 2 
04. David Bowie – Stay / Station To Station 
05. Philippe Besombes - Chocolate Cream / Libra 
06. Sort Sol - Eileen Alphabet / Glamourpuss 
07. La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth – Libre / Elia Y Elizabeth 
08. Roxy Music - Out of the Blue / Country Life   
09. Mouserocket - One in Two / MouseRocket 
10. Lydia Kavina – Transformations / Concerto Per Theremin: Live in Italy 
11. Damaged Bug - Gloves For Garbage / Hubba Bubba 
12. Bona Dish – Actress / Rupert Preaching At A Picnic 
13. Daniel Johnston - Danny Don’t Rapp / Yip/Jump Music 
14. Scott Walker – Dimple / Bish Bosch

Hour 2
01. Beastie Boys - A Year And A Day / Paul’s Boutique 
02. Monty Python - Nisus Wettus / Life Of Brian
03. Capiscum Red – Tarzan / Appunti Per Un’ídea Fissa 
04. Nico – Saeta / Minnesang 
05. Arkade Funk – Tilt (alt version)
06. Fursaxa - Birds Inspire Epic Bards / Alone In The Dark Wood 
07. Hierophants - Hail Stones / Parallax Error 
08. Terrible Truths – Uptight / Terrible Truths 
09. The Beauty Pill - Exit Without Saving / Describes Things As They Are 
10. Bellmer Dolls - There Is No Oblivion / The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over 
11. Lost Sounds - Your Looking Glass / Lost Sounds 
12. XYZ - Hold On / XYZ 
13. Le Butcherettes - We No Owe / Chaos As Usual 
14. PIL - Careering / Metal Box 
15. Adverts - My Place / Singles Collection 
16. Kraftwerk - Das Modell / Die Mensch Maschine