KCRW Broadcast 369

Fanatic! I hope RSD was good for you. I was able to secure all the records I was after and I hope the same went for you. One of the records I was surprised to see was a vinyl pressing of the Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music Vol. 1. Of all the Cambodian music collections that have come out over the years, that’s one of my favorites.

I guess some of you were either at Coachella last week or will be when this show broadcasts. Stay hydrated! I have been lucky to have my good pal Ian MacKaye in town. It’s been great to see him here.

If you notice, Fanatic, we are rocking a Zig Zags track on this show. Their new album, Running Out of Red is available for pre-order. I have heard it and it’s rockin. We’ll get tracks happening in our June shows. https://zigzags.bandcamp.com/

I am listening to the tracks for this show as I write this and I am quite pleased. This is another great one! No matter where you are in the world, thank you so much for listening.

Thank you, Gerhard for the live Ty Segall track. Sounds great!

Sunn 0))) Information Dept: Sunn 0))) will be at the Regent on May 6.

Remember to Remember Dept.: KaS Product will be in Los Angeles at the Echo on May 22. Here again is that info: http://www.theecho.com/event/1099399-kas-product-tba-los-angeles/

I Am Going to Say It Again Dept.: For our May 15 show, none other than Terry Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes will be live on the air with us. We have asked that Ms. T bring music to share with us and she has affirmed that she is on the case. Obviously, we are very very happy to have this to look forward to. Get ready, get set for that one, Fanatic.

VUM Bandcamp Address: https://vummusic.bandcamp.com/
Smart Guy Records: http://www.smartguyrecords.com/content.shtml
In The Red Records: http://intheredrecords.com/
Castle Face Records: http://www.castlefacerecords.com/
Hozac Records: http://hozacrecords.com/
Guerilla Toss Bandcamp Address: https://guerillatoss.bandcamp.com/

Drink a lot of water and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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