KCRW Broadcast 37: Shepard Fairey guest hosts


Hello from Colombo Sri Lanka. I have been here for a few days, walking the streets, breathing too many exhaust fumes, having a good time. As you know, tonight, Shepard Fairey will be slinging the jams. Engineer X will be taking care of all the board business so Shepard will be free to do the show as he wants to.

Next week, we have a great show for you. It is live from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I got the parts together there and sent it all to Engineer X. He took it from there, and thanks to his dexterity, we have a show. We used music that I had with me as well as music I found in a great CDR stall as well as some stuff that I recorded on the streets there. I hope you get a chance to tune in.

Have a great time tonight with Shepard Fairey and Engineer X and until next week, STAY FANATIC!!!