KCRW Broadcast 370

When this show airs, I will be in Washington DC. I am looking forward to getting out there for a few days. Hopefully, there will be some time for record store browsing.

I just got the list of songs that Teresa of Le Butcherettes will bring to the show when she guests with us on the 15th. It will be a great show. I hope you get a chance to check it out.

You will notice in four of the five Sundays in May, that we will have a bit of a pattern happening. At the end of each hour, we will play a track from the new, very excellent Cloudland Canyon album called An Arabesque. I think of all their albums, this might be my favorite one. They make great albums but there is something about this one that stands out. Anyway, we will be rocking this one for weeks to come. Wait, there’s more. At the end of our second hour, we’ll play you a Devo track from the 2LP EZ Listening Muzak set recently released by our good pal Delaney at Futurisimo. Here is information on both of these albums.

Cloudland Canyon


Light in the Attic has the Devo set for USA mail order:

If you check our second hour, you will see that we have a new FM St. Jude track. The man is working on putting together a new release, which we will of course keep you in the loop.

Like I have been saying for the last several weeks, Fanatic, there are going to be some great releases this year. I just heard from another one of our regulars that there is a new record that is presently being mastered. Tracks have been promised to get sent once that’s done. It is not for me to flank a band or a label but to say I am excited about this one is an understatement.

I don’t know about you, but I was looking forward to a lot of the records for RSD this year but some of the ones I was looking forward to the most left me a little underwhelmed. The Jay Reatard re-issue of Blood Visions with the extra 7” of demos is good to go but the Fall live album was a bit of a letdown sonically and the cover and title were a bit strange, the music however, was quite good. I was hoping for better sound on the Sun Ra Spaceways record as well. The Sublime Frequencies 2LP release the Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music Vol. 1 sounds great. I am still waiting on my Stooges and Cramps albums.

This here show is a great one, which of course we hope you dig immensely.

Sunn 0))) Information Dept: Sunn 0))) will be at the Regent on May 6.

Remember to Remember Dept.: KaS Product will be in Los Angeles at the Echo on May 22. Here again is that info: http://www.theecho.com/event/1099399-kas-product-tba-los-angeles/

  Enjoy the show and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Feels - Slippin’ / Feels 
02. Deep Throats - Prove It / Good Bad Pretty
03. Thee Oh Sees - Night Crawler / Floating Coffin 
04. Ty Segall - You’re Not Me / Ty Segall 
05. Bronze - Re-Enactment / Live in San Francisco 
06. The Herms - A Light Away / Tourists Welcome 
07. Yuck – Cannonball / Stranger Things 
08. Guerilla Toss – Perfume / Eraser Stargazer 
09. Moon Duo - Free the Skull / Shadow of the Sun 
10. Roky Erickson - I Think of Demons / The Evil One 
11. ZZ Top - Groovy Little Hippie Pad / El Loco 
12. Los Dug Dugs - Lost In My World / Los Dug Dugs 
13. Soccer Team - Problems With Prolonged Youth / Real Lessons in Cynicism 
14. Cloudland Canyon - Try Faking It / An Arabesque

Hour 2
01. Savages - The Answer / Adore Life 
02. Sun Ra - We Travel The Spaceways / Soundtrack To The Film: Space Is The Place 
03. Flower Travellin’ Band - Satori Part I / Satori
04. FM St. Jude - American Fools / new track!
05. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - Escapetism / La Araña Es La Vida 
06. Free Time - All Four Seasons / Free Time 
07. Cured Pink – Essential / As A Four Piece Band
08. Scott Walker – Mathilde / Scott Walker 1
09. Pascal Comelade - White Light / Sentimientos
10. Kim Salmon - Destination Heartbreak / My Script
11. Red Sun Band - The Shiralee / Peapod 
12. Flin Flon – Argyle / Dixie 
13. Pascal Comelade - White Heat / Sentimientos 
14. Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (mono single mix) / White Light/White Heat 
15. Devo - Shout (Hello Kitty) / EZ Listening Muzak