KCRW Broadcast 371

Fanatic! Before we get into all the great tracks we will rock on this show, let me give you some great news.

As you might know, next week, Terri Gender Bender will be our guest. You know how we do it, Fanatic. A guest comes on our show and we basically just get out of the way and let them take over! Music wise, you know never know what you’re going to get. Ms. T sent me the tunes she wanted to play and I am happy to tell you that the tracks are not only super cool, almost all of the bands were totally unknown to me. You might know some of them but they were new to me. I have a feeling it is an age thing as much as anything else. I will have to get up earlier! Engineer X will be choppering in for the show on the KCRW helicopter. It will be a great time all around so please tune in if you can.

Also, remember in two weeks, KaS Product will be in Los Angeles at the Echo on May 22. Here, yet again is that info: http://www.theecho.com/event/1099399-kas-product-tba-los-angeles/

I just returned from a few days in Washington, DC. Visits with Ian MacKaye, his family, along with Don Zientara from the legendary Inner Ear Studios, Joe from Fugazi and others was quite energizing.

Last week in these pages, I opined about my lack of enthusiasm for the RSD releases I got this year. Besides what I listed in last week’s notes, two listens yesterday upped the overall considerably. The Cramps live in Palo Alto LP, which has been around in the bootleg world for years sounds good and we will get some of that on the show soonish. The most surprising LP was the remastered version of the Stooges Metallic K.O. album. Perhaps like me, you have listened to this record many times. Not the greatest recording but it’s more what it is than how it sounds. That being said, this 2016 version sounds so much better than earlier versions that if you have any affection for or curiosity about this album at all, you might want to check it out.

Oh, yes, and then there are all the tracks to dig. If you look below, you will see all that is on hand for this here show.

We are in week #2 of ending our first hour with a track with the great new Cloudland Canyon album called An Arabesque and finishing our show with a Devo EZ Listening track from the new re-release on the great Futurisimo label.

It’s a great show from top to bottom I think but that’s just me. These shows often take a long time to make but I think it’s worth it.

This Is Great News Dept.: Trouble In Mind Records has released the first two albums by Australia’s excellent Dick Diver. Calendar Days and New Start Again are fantastic records and for all you stateside Fanatics, you can now enjoy domestic prices. The mastering on both LPs is great and may I add, they make perfect warm weather listening. Here is info: http://www.troubleinmindrecs.com/brands/Dick-Diver.html

Fanatic, thank you for reading these notes and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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