KCRW Broadcast 374

Fanatic! In a hotel room in some strange industrial / human storage neighborhood in Munich. All the apartment buildings are generic and the rest are just anonymous skyscrapers. I am here for the Rockavaria Festival. Right after I get off stage, Iggy will be playing, so my week just got better.

I have just listened down to all of the tracks we have on this show and I think we have put together yet another good one. I thought we would go hard and somewhat genre specific at the top and shake loose as we got to the end of the first hour while getting slightly more out there in our second hour. Give it all a listen and see if it works for you.

So happy to be able to finally be able to start playing you new Lorelle Meets the Obsolete tracks. We have been given the all clear for two tracks so far. We rock one this week and the other next week. Their new album Balance is really great. We will get the rest to you as soon as we get the go from the label.

I was just sent the new Lower Plenty album and am on my second listen. It’s cool. We will get tracks from it out to you as soon as Joe at Bedroom Suck says it’s cool.

New Dinosaur Jr. album is ready for pre-order. http://www.dinosaurjr.com

I am still walking off the effects of seat 55C! Great to be back in Germany.

Please enjoy the show, thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!! –– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Generation X - Kleenex / Generation X
02. X Ray Spex - I Live Off You / Germ Free Adolescents
03. Buzzcocks – Breakdown / Spiral Scratch
04. The Cuban Heels - Do the Smok Walk / single
05. The Adverts – Television’s Over / single
06. The Clash - Janie Jones (demo) / Clash on Broadway
07. The Ruts - Dope For Guns / The Crack
08. Wire – 40 Versions / 154
09. Birthday Party - Nick The Stripper / Prayers on Fire
10. The Damned - Born To Kill / Damned Damned Damned
11. The Misfits - Hybrid Moments / Static Age
12. Sort Sol - Hurricane Fighter Plane / the Violent Bear It Away
13. The Traditional Fools – River / Fools Gold
14. The Moving Sidewalks - Crimson Witch / Complete
15. Jimi Hendrix - The Burning of the Midnight Lamp / BBC Sessions
16. The Saints - Know Your Product / Eternally Yours
17. Cloudland Canyon - Where’s The Edge / An Arabesque

Hour 2
01. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - La Distincion / Balance
02. Dax Riggs - Night Is The Notion / We Sing of Only Blood of Love
03. Moon Duo – Thieves / Shadow on the Sun
04. River City Tanlines - Not Gonna Think About it Anymore / I’m Your Negative
05. Jay Reatard - Not A Substitute / Blood Visions
06. Pumice – Glordinary / Puddles
07. White Mystery - Alien Vision Bomb / Outta Control
08. The Minutes - Hey Nineteen / The Minutes
09. Manifesto - E Dub / Manifesto
10. Shocking Pinks - Mathematical Warfare / Alice
11. The Stereos - I Really Love You / Golden Age of Rock and Roll vol. 09
12. David Bowie - Look Back In Anger / Lodger
13. Prince Jammy & Scientist - C-3po + R2-D2 = The Force / Scientist & Jammy Strike Back!
14. Boomgates - Hanging Rock / Double Natural
15. The Palms - Sleep Too Much / Crazy Rack
16. Devo - Whip It / EZ Listening Muzak