KCRW Broadcast 376

Fanatic! Coming to you from a hotel somewhere near Heathrow Airport. Brentford! I have a great view of some highway. I am here until Friday morning when we head over to the Download Festival. Saturday we will head to the Isle of Wight Festival for a show on Sunday. Saturday is a clear day off for us. As chance would have it, some guy named Iggy Pop is playing that night. Hello! Third time seeing him this year. I AM SO INTO THIS.

The new releases on Castle Face worth checking out, including the new Male Gaze album King Leer and a live Oh Sees album that sounds great. http://www.castlefacerecords.com

Also the full GØGGS album is ready for preorder over at In The Red. It’s a great, noisy piece of work and as you can imagine, we will be playing it quite a bit as we break into July and August. http://intheredrecords.com

Rocked the new VUM vinyl the other night. Cryptocrystalline. So great. http://vummusic.com/shop-vinyl/

The new Dinosaur Jr. album Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not is ready for preorder: http://www.dinosaurjr.com/

As I write this, Fanatic, I am listening to WAV files of the Boris/Merzbow collab 4 LP thang called Gensho through the Soundmatters Dash7 small speaker system. I can’t speak highly enough about this super portable component and no, they do not sponsor me. I spend so much of the year in small rooms and this has proven to be excellent road gear.

If you take even a nanosecond glimpse of our gathering of tunes below, I think you very well might concur that Engineer X, Engineer Am-Roc and I have put together a great two hour block which we hope you will enjoy.

Also, I am subbing for Jarvis Cocker for all of the Sundays this month on BBC Radio 6. I think you can listen for free. I am making show notes for those shows as well. Here is last week’s.

I hope you are listening to music as often as you possibly can. I have been really busy and bouncing around a lot, so I am a little behind. I am going to try to catch up tonight and tomorrow.

Go tube analog and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Wire - The 15th / 154
02. Zigs Zags - Giving Up The Ghost / Running Out of Red
03. Free Time - Who Owns the Moon / In Search of Free Time
04. Molly Nilsson - Perfect Past / Sólo Paraíso – The Summer Songs EP
05. Cotton Candy - That Was Swedish / Top-Notch & First-Rate
06. The Saints - This Perfect Day (single version) / Saints box set
07. George Clinton - Atomic Dog / single
08. Slim Gaillard - Sukiyaki Cha-Cha / Slim Gaillard Rides Again
09. Alan Vega – Jajeemba / 2007
10. The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Living End / Peel Sessions
11. Metal Boys - Parlez Moi D’argent / Tokio Airport
12. Richard Berry & The Pharoahs - Louie, Louie / Have “Louie” Will Travel
13. Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak / At the BBC
14. The J.B.‘s - Hot Pants Road / Food for Thought
15. The Ruts - In A Rut / Singles Collection
16. Boris - Heavy Rain / Gensho

Hour 2
01. Angry Angles - The 15th / single
02. The Cramps - Five Years Ahead Of My Time / How To Make A Monster
03. The Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva’s Operation (mono) / White Light / White Heat
04. The Sunnyboys - Happy Man / Sunnyboys
05. Kuupuu – Nüttyleikki / Kuupuu
06. The Fall - This Perfect Day / Peel Session
07. Rain – Rivers / Vache Qui Rit
08. The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher / single
09. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Wrapped Up / Primary Colours
10. The Germs - Circle One / Germs Complete
11. Motörhead - Louie, Louie / All The Aces
12. William Bell - Any Other Way / Soul of a Bell
13. Dick Diver - New Start Again / New Start Again
14. Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night / Mob Rules
15. The Warmers - Red Light Runner / Wanted: More
16. Prince - Scarlet Pussy / I Wish U Heaven Part 1.2.3