KCRW Broadcast 38


I think this may be a first for our us. Seeing that I am out on the road at the moment, I had an idea do the show from the busy streets of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I sent Engineer X a letter about the idea and he said I should go for it. So, I came up with a show, made my list and went outside with my digital recorder. I sent the music and the voice stuff back to Engineer X via Yousendit.com and it came through intact. In an effort to make the show special, besides the crazy sounding audio, I have included two tracks that you might find interesting. One is from a record stall that I went into and bought a stack of CDRs, this would be track 07. I don't know who Aneka Palaran is and it's almost impossible to find information on her that I can read but the track sounds good and so I threw it into our mix. Or second to last track for the evening is the evening prayer that I recorded outside of a mosque across from the hotel I was living in. The last track was added by Engineer X. It features the mighty William Parker on bass, so you know it's going to be great.

I will be making another recording like this from the next location, hopefully, I will be able to score some local music. I am still buzzing about being able to walk into record stores in Riyadh and buy Omar Souleyman CD's for a few bucks. I have been listening to them over the last few days, they sound really cool. Perhaps I'll throw on one of those tracks in early December, if I can pull off another one of these on-the-street recordings. I told Mr. Bentley we were going to do this days ago and so far, I have not heard back from him, I guess he's busy with Morning Becomes Eclectic, whatever.

I promise you, Fanatics, I will do my level best to hit the record stalls in all the places I am going and drag out the bestest sounds I can and get them to you for your evaluation and hopeful enjoyment!

Thanks to Engineer X for corralling all this craziness into a semblance of order.

I hope you enjoyed Shepard guest hosting the show last week.

Tonight's show is going to be a little noisy so prepare and STAY FANATIC!!!



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01. Empire – Your Electric Guitar / Expensive Sound
02. Iggy Pop – Bang Bang / Party
03. Amanaz – Easy Street / Africa
04. Frank Zappa - Apostrophe / Apostrophe
05. Lieutenant Caramel – Le Harmonie Usee / Je Ne Vieux Plus Voir Le Ciel
06. The Horrors – Scarlet Fields / Primary Colours
07. Aneka Palaran – Bawa Dandangula Ban Yumasan Kalagengaken / Pangkur Gobyuk Vol. 1
08. Neville Marcano – War / The Growling Tiger Of Calypso
09. Engineer X - Mash / CDR
10. Meat Puppets – Swimming Ground / Up On The Sun
11. The Minutemen – Cut / Buzz Or Howl
12. Husker Du – Makes No Sense At All / single
13. The Buzzcocks – Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady
14. Joy Division - Interzone / Unknown Pleasures
15. Wire - Lowdown / Pink Flag
16. Revolutionary Corps. Of Teenage Jesus – Puzz Puzz / Righteous Lite
17. Little Richard – Good Golly Ms. Molly / Specialty Box Set
18. Air Miami – Afternoon Train / Me Me Me
19. Soccer Team – A Cavity Called Home / Soccer Team
20. Georgie James - More Lights / Places
21. Jaguar Love – Jaguar Pirates / Take Me To The Sea
22. Hudan - Bubaran (Golden Rain) / Javanese Court Gamelan
23. Vladimir Vysotsky – Sail / Vladimir Vysotsky Vol. 2
24. Isaac Hayes – Walk From Regio's / Shaft Soundtrack
25. Evening Prayer – Yogyakarta Mosque (evening)
26. No Name – Commitment / Commitment