KCRW Broadcast 390

Fanatic!  Backstage at the Tivoli for my second night here in Brisbane, Australia. The shows have been going well and the weather has been fantastic. A few days ago, we were up in Darwin, that was hot and humid. Down here in Brisbane, it’s much cooler but still humid. It was raining slightly when we got into the venue.

Road Manager Ward and I have been hitting the record stores with everything we’ve got and I will get some of this newly found music into our December shows.

Speaking of December, I just got word from a Pere Ubu representative that the band will be in Los Angeles on December 09. If I weren’t onstage myself at Largo, I would be there. We will get some Pere Ubu on for our 12-04-16 broadcast to remind you LA area Fanatics about the show for sure.

Here is info on the show, looks like it shouldn’t be missed: http://www.theecho.com/event/1265085-pere-ubu-coed-jail-songs-los-angeles/

Below, you will see all the great jams that we have lined up for you. A lot of Australian music. Wonder how that happened.

I hope by now, you have gotten your Dinosaur Jr. and Thee Oh Sees vinyl of their latest releases. Fantastic the both of them. No excuse not to get the Alex Cameron re-release of Jumping the Shark.

I hope you enjoy the show. Speaking of shows, I will be in USA starting in early October for a lot of ‘em, all the way until the end of the year.

Keep the music playing and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 01
01. Dinosaur Jr. – Mirror / Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
02. Leather Towel - Mean Girls / Towel IV 
03. Exhaustion - Pure Duty / Biker 
04. Hierophants - No Sympathy / High Fashion Sampler 
05. Terry - Tippy Toppy / High Fashion Sampler
06. The Julie Ruin - I’m Done (Radio Edit) / Hit Re-set
07. Lorrelle Meets the Obsolete - Waves Over Shadows / Balance 
08. Alex Cameron - Real Bad Lookin’ / Jumping the Shark 
09. Sarah Mary Chadwick - Make a Boundary / Roses Always Die
10. Scientists - This Is My Happy Hour / Blood Red River
11. Pure Hell - Wild One / Noise Addiction 
12. Art Attacks - I Am A Dalek / Punk Rock Rarities 
13. GØGGS - Wurm / GØGGS 
14. Guerilla Toss - Polly’s Crystal / Live In Nashville

Hour 02
01. Slim Gaillard - Atomic Cocktail / Cement Mixer Putti Putti 
02. Kikagaku Moyo - Dune / House in the Tall Grass
03. Moodists - The Disciples Know / Tales From The Australian Underground 
04. Birthday Party - Waving My Arms / The Birthday Party 
05. Serge Gainsbourg - Transit À Marilou / L’ Homme A Tete De Chou 
06. The Sunnyboys - Physical Jerk / Sunnyboys 
07. Tim Presley - Solitude Cola / The Wink 
08. ORB - First And Last Men / Birth 
09. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - Bunker Mentality / Gorilla Rose 
10. Scorpions - Pictured Life / Virgin Killer 
11. Cramps - Under the Wires / Psychedelic Jungle 
12. Jonny Telafone - Down In the Valley / Jonny Telafone 
13. The Gun Club - City In Pain / Lucky Jim 
14. The Calendars - One Week Romance / Swingin’ Records 
15. Tin Huey – Reml / Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes 
16. Mickey Calin & The Jets - Cool / West Side Story Soundtrack 
17. Mark Mothersbaugh – Mayoma / Musik for Insomniaks Vol. 1