KCRW Broadcast 395

Fanatic!  Writing to you from Richmond, VA. A little less than 110 miles from Washington, DC. Below, you will see that we have a perfect soundtrack for October, no matter where you are.

Things have been busy out here with a show a night and a drive afterwards. I have not been to any record stores since we started this leg of the tour but hopefully, I will turn that around soon.

I have been listening to a lot of music in the time after soundcheck, before stage time and that’s been great. A lot of American Tapes releases and downloads of the vinyl I picked up in Australia recently.

I don’t think I am talking out of class when I tell you that I have heard the new release, An Odd Entrances by Thee Oh Sees, coming out in November on Castle Face. It probably won’t surprise you that I think it’s really great. Can’t wait to hear that one on vinyl. Here is the site address for the label. If you get on the mailing list, you get all the cool updates. http://www.castlefacerecords.com

Also, a new Deerhoof single on Famous Class. I just ordered mine. Will get those tracks into our December shows for sure. Here is where to get the info. Famous Class is a great label you should be checking out. https://famousclass.com/product/deerhoof-i-thought-we-were-friends/

I have a show starting soon and have to get some writing started, so I will leave it here. I hope you dig the tracks we have set up for you. Next week’s show is all done and it’s a great one, so please tune in of you can.

Listen twice and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 01
01. The Damned - Feel The Pain / Damned Damned Damned 
02. Nightmare - Great Balls of Fire / single 
03. The UK Subs - Ice Age / Singles Collection
04. The Skunks - Good from the Bad / single 
05. The Cramps - I’m Cramped / 02-03-79 Hall of Nations Washington DC
06. Generation X - Trying For Kicks (B-side To Fridays Angels) / The Idol Generation 
07. Magic Michael – Millionaire / single
08. Alex Cameron - Take Care of Business / Jumping the Shark 
09. Johnny Moped - Incendiary Device / Cycledelic 
10. The Afflicted Man - Who Can Tell / single
11. Joy Division – Isolation / Closer 
12. Alan Vega - Faster Blaster / Deuce Avenue 
13. Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop’s Jacket / single 
14. The Stooges – Johanna / Rubber Legs 
15. David Bowie - Breaking Glass (Live - issued11-78) / Fifty-Two Years - Complete Singles 
16. The Fall – Smile / Perverted By Language

Hour 02
01. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band - City Slang / Too Much Crank   
02. Pure Hell - Lame Brain / Noise Addiction 
03. Ketty Lester - Love Letters / Love letters 
04. Leather Towel - The Ozone Layer / Towel IV
05. Lair of the Minotaur - Riders of Skullhammer, We Ride the Night / Evil Power 
06. Wire - Go Ahead / Document & Eyewitness 
07. The Weirdos - Message From The Underworld / Weird World: Volume 1 
08. Buzzcocks - I Can’t Control Myself / Time’s Up
09. Doctor Mix & the Remix - No Fun (single A side mix) / Wall of Noise (CD version)  
10. Cluster - Heiße Lippen / Zuckerzeit 
11. Holland – Stampstain / Your Orgasm 
12. The Wall – Ghetto / The Punk Collection
13. Dum Dum Dum - Dum Dum Dum / Messthetics #08 
14. The Shapes - Wot’s For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) / Songs for Sensible People 
15. The Newtown Neurotics – Hypocrite / Punk Singles Collection 
16. Unrest - So Sick / Perfect Teeth 
17. The Ruts - It Was Cold / The Crack