KCRW Broadcast 422

Fanatic! Kind of strange not having a guest after two in a row. We are now somewhat back to “normal.’ 

A great show. After a few drafts, I finalized the order and listened down to both hours and I really liked it.

You will see that we have new David Bowie, from the No Plan EP. The songs are great and we will be playing all of them.

Next week, we will be starting in on some great music by FM St. Jude, otherwise known as our good pal and sonic ally, Fred. We have listened to him a lot over the years, ever since we heard Here Am I and of course Gang War. There is a limited release of some songs that almost got lost forever, appropriately titled Almost Lost. It’s great stuff and we will be rocking all those tracks in the weeks coming up. A crazy story behind the tracks that is included in packaging. Here’s your info: http://www.dragcity.com/products/almost-lost

Iggy Pop is awarded the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters medal:  

I hope you had a good RSD. Larry at In the Red and I were relieved to see our Pure Hell release go out into the world. Hopefully, they all found good homes. I am so happy about the way the record turned out. We are trying to come up with something as cool for next year.

We hope you the show. Until next week, great listening and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins 
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band - Electrophonic Tonic / Too Much Crank 
02. Sickidz - No Reason To Complain / No Reason to Complain 
03. Jungle Nausea – Sympathy / Untitled 
04. Juanita Y Los Feos – Vallecas / Typical Girls Vol. 2 
05. Pan Ron - Why Follow Me / Cambodian Rocks IV 
06. Dinosaur Jr. - Out There / Where You Been 
07. The Birthday Party - Kiss Me Black / Junkyard 
08. UK Subs - You Don’t Belong / Diminished Responsibility
09. Terakaft – Talikoba / Aratan N Azawad 
10. Buzzcocks - Real World / Love Bites 
11. The Adverts - My Place / Cast of Thousands 
12. Wire - French Film Blurred / Chairs Missing 
13. Iggy Pop - Mass Production / The Idiot

Hour 2
01. David Bowie - Killing a Little Time (F bomb @ 1:00) / No Plan EP
02. The Gun Club - St. John’s Divine / Pastoral Hide and Seek 
03. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - Goldin Browne / Gorilla Rose 
04. David Lynch - Say It / The Big Dream 
05. Julee Cruise - This is Our Night / The Voice of Love 
06. Suicide - Power au Go-Go / American Supreme 
07. Rob - Your Kiss Stole Me Away / Funky Rob Way 
08. Serge Gainsbourg - Premiers Symptômes / L’ Homme A Tete De Chou 
09. Deadboy and the Elephantmen - Stop, I’m Already Dead / We Are Night Sky 
10. The Young Prisms - Midnight’s When / In Between
11. Le Butcherettes - The Actress That Ate Rousseau / Sin Sin Sin 
12. Height / Dismay - Girl From Ipanema / Terrace Industry : M Squared Box 1980 – 1983 
13. The Ruts - The Crack / Punk Singles Collection