KCRW Broadcast 430

Fanatic! I have a day off from rolling and tumbling on set. With the power of the two ibuprofen tablets I took an hour ago to neutralize the effects of getting tossed around like a near sixty year old rag-doll and long visits to the gym, I am able issue these notes. I am listening to the tracks for our show and I must say, I do believe we’ve done it again.

I know, I know, it might only be a radio show to you, Fanatic but to me, it’s much more. It’s a chance to check in, from anywhere in the world, and hop onto the same page for a brief period of time and dig humankind’s bestest creation. The fact that you can be in Germany, Australia the United States or damn near anywhere else and hear the show is as cool as it gets. This is why so much care goes into making the show.

It’s been surprisingly hot where I’ve been. I’ve been getting in listening opportunities when I can. The hours I am keeping are pretty demanding and after work, I’m not good for much.

Knowing I wasn’t in the shot today, I worked late last night on the press release for Alex Cameron’s next album. I really don’t write these things so when I got past a thousand words, I stopped and sent it to Secretly Canadian for advice, lest I be running too far afield. They wrote back and said they liked what they read but it had to be less words. I think I’m going to finish my crazy version for fun and send the label a severe edit. I don’t know if I’m at liberty to talk much about the album, which comes out later in the year. I will say that is incredible.

There are some GREAT records coming out this year. We will get first crack at them and I will do my best to get the tracks to you either before the album comes out or within a few days. For now, dig this fantastic dip into the sea of tunes. As I am writing this, the Miles track is playing. Love it!

Listen up and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin’ / 70’s Gold
02. Living Eyes - All in Good Time / Living Large
03. King Tubby & Prince Jammy - A Heavy Dub / Dub Gone 2 Crazy : In Fine Style 1975-1979
04. Jay Reatard - Searching For You / Singles 06-07
05. Metal Urbain – Futurama / Anarchy In Paris!
06. Fugazi - Latest Disgrace / Red Medicine
07. Die Cheerleader - Pigskin Parade / Son Of Filth
08. The Stooges - 1969 (alt vocal) / The Stooges
09. X Ray Spex – Identity / Germ Free Adolescents
10. The Intelligence - I Hear Depression / Fake Surfers
11. Beasts Of Bourbon - El Beasto / Black Milk
12. Miles Davis - Au Bar Du Petit Bac / Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud
13. Aias – Moto / A La Piscina
14. Ramones - It’s a Long Way Back to Germany (UK b-side) / Rocket to Russia (CD extra track)
15. Ex-Cult - Mr. Investigator / Negative Growth
16. These Are Powers - Twin Remains / Taro Tarot

Hour 2
01. Cat’s Eyes - Girl in the Room / Treasure House
02. Cellular Chaos - Re-make/Re-model / Cellular Chaos
03. Boys Next Door - Somebody’s Watching / Door Door
04. Sort Sol - Off Morning / Dagger & Guitar
05. Anton Bruhin - Congo / Von Goldabfischer
06. POW! - Sugi Walks / Hi-Tech Boom
07. Midnite Snaxxx - No Time To Spend / Typical Girls Volume 2
08. The Calico Wall - Flight Reaction / Trash Box Vol. 3
09. Dax Riggs - Thing In A Jar / Velvet Songs For Golden Skulls
10. Misfits - TV Casualty / Static Age
11. Deerhoof - Mothball The Fleet / Breakup Song
12. Erase Errata - Tax Dollar / Nightlife
13. Soccer Team - Friends Who Know / Real Lessons in Cynicism
14. Mark Robinson - Tasty Black Licorice / 2003 Teenbeat Sampler
15. PJ Harvey - Meet Ze Monsta / To Bring You My Love
16. Joy Division - Failures / Substance 1977-1980