KCRW Broadcast 438

Fanatic! I just finished listening to all the tracks we have for you from start to finish. It’s the final test to make sure it’s good to go and it passed.

I just got a large brick of vinyl from Richie at Strangeworld in Melbourne and am getting into it now. I will get tracks from some of these bands onto next week’s show, which I’ll be starting work on almost immediately.

Heidi just stomped into my office and said that Shepard Fairey has just confirmed for our September 3 show. He will be our live guest for the entire two hours. I just wrote him and we will start working on tracks. He has good taste in music and he’s a very interesting guy, it should be a great show.

I am doing my best to get my August listens done. These are some records that go back on the shelf until at least April. Some of them are as follows:

Devo – Duty Now For The Future
VA - Vortex Live
Wire – Chairs Missing
Wire – 154
Rites of Spring – Rites of Spring
Cramps – Psychedelic Jungle
Rain – La Vache Qui Rit
Late period Coltrane
Saints – (I’m) Stranded
Birthday Party – Prayers On Fire

I have it in my mind that these records are warm weather listens. It’s nothing but association, I know but still, I’m giving myself until August 31st to listen to them one more time this year.

Next week is our last August show and we’re starting it with a new Oh Sees track, so get ready for that. We exit August and get into September with Shepard and of course, a lot of great music.

If you’re going to live, you might as well play records and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. Gary Wilson - You Think You Really Know Me / Live at CBGB
02. Terry - Heavin’ Heavies / Remember Terry
03. The Fall - O! ZZTRRK Man / New Facts Emerge
04. Pikacyu-Makoto - Pika Mako Hall / Galaxilympics
05. Unrest - Light Command / Perfect Teeth
06. Prince Jammy & Scientist - The Son Of Darth Vader / Strike Back!
07. Ex-Cult - Attention Ritual / Negative Growth
08. Brian Henry Hooper - What’s Real Anymore / Lemon Lime & Bitter
09. Radio Pyongyang - Commie Funk? / Radio Pyongyang
10. Monty Python - Denis Moore Song (Robin Hood Theme) (Part 4) / Monty Python’s Previous Record
11. Discharge - Realities Of War / Never Again
12. The Minutemen – Disguises / The Punch Line
13. Tel Aviv - We Got The Computers / 1998 Teenbeat Sampler
14. The Julie Ruin - I’m Done (clean) / Hit Reset
15. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds - Bo Bo Boogaloo / Gorilla Rose

Hour 2
01. Nena – Leuchtturm / 99 Luiftballons
02. Chain & the Gang - Mum’s the Word / Best of Crime Rock
03. The Dils - You’re Not Blank / What? Stuff
04. John Coltrane - Dearly Beloved (Tk 4, complete version) / Sun Ship: The Complete Session
05. Devo – Blockhead / Duty Now for the Future
06. Red Red Krovvy – Holiday / new album title?
07. Generation X - Too Personal / Generation X
08. Guerilla Toss - Crystal Run / GT ULTRA
09. Dinosaur Jr. - I Told Everyone / Give A Glimpse of What You’re Not
10. Teledetente 666 - Laisse-toi Faire / Karen
11. The Melvins - Captain Comedown / Chaos As Usual
12. Le Butcherettes - We No Owe / Chaos As Usual
13. Nun – Kino / Nun
14. The Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva’s Operation (mono) / White Light/White Heat