KCRW Broadcast 447

I found out something interesting from Iggy’s front of house soundman, the very talented Max. He said that there were enough complaints lodged about the volume drop on the Heroes LP and CD in the new Bowie box set that apparently the label is issuing a new copy of that record in whatever format you bought it in. Past that, it looks like there will be nothing more done and fans will have to lump it. What a let down.

Otherwise, things are good. The reissue of the Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse album continues to rock like hell. 

The new Nazoranai album on Superior Viaduct is so great.

Chain & The Gang Experimental Music. Fantastic!

The new Pere Ubu album 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo is another great slice of David Thomas and the band. It’s on Cherry Red out of the UK. I found some on Discogs.

Anything by Steven R Smith, aka Ulaan Markhor is brilliant. Really, the man doesn’t miss.

Alex Cameron’s Forced Witness album seems to be everywhere. Sharp guy, great record.

I know that at times, it can be difficult to find something to be happy about. We must take it where we can find it. Hopefully, you find two hours right here.

Listen twice and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. The Damned - Smash It Up (single version) / Machine Gun Etiquette (CD extra track)
02. The Mob - Shuffling Souls / Let the Tribe Increase (CD extra track)
03. Buzzcocks- Breakdown / Spiral Scratch EP
04. The Ruts - Society / The Singles Collection
05. Killing Joke - Complications / Killing Joke
06. David Bowie - Sons of the Silent Age / Heroes
07. The Damned - I Believe The Impossible / The Black Album (CD extra track)
08. The Gun Club - The Breaking Hands / Mother Juno
09. HTRK - Eat Yr Heart / 12”
10. Gary Wilson - All Alone In Endicott / Lisa Wants To Talk To You
11. The KVB - In Deep / …Of Desire
12. The Damned - I Just Can’t Be Happy Today / Machine Gun Etiquette
13. PIL – Careering / Metal Box
14. Jah Lion - Soldier And Police War / Columbia Colly
15. Ulaan Markhor – Rolling / Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al.

Hour 2
01. The Damned - Wait For The Blackout / The Black Album
02. The MC5 - Call Me Animal / Back In The USA
03. The Misfits - Hollywood Babylon / box set
04. Joy Division - Digital / Substance
05. Gene Vincent - Cat Man / box set
06. The Teen Idles - Get Up And Go / Dischord 100
07. The Damned - Rabid (Over You) / Black Album (CD extra track)
08. The New York Dolls - Jet Boy / New York Dolls
09. Alex Cameron - Runnin’ Outta Luck / Forced Witness
10. Surprise Party - Surprise Party / In Cool Blood
11. The Damned - Drinking About My Baby / The Black Album
12. Hawkwind - Dying Seas / Warrior on the Edge of Time
13. One Last Wish - Loss Like A Seed / 1986
14. The Adverts - My Place / Cast of Thousands
15. Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up / 12”