KCRW Broadcast 463

Fanatic! Presently in Ghent, Belgium. The backstage area is not all that warm, so I’ve got my coat on. It’s been like this every night of this part of the tour. It’s one of the things I’ve grown used to when doing shows in Europe this time of the year. The shows have been going great and I’m looking forward to getting out there tonight.

Tomorrow, we’ll be heading to England for four there and one in Scotland. When this show airs, I’ll be in Manchester, so in our first hour, we will be prioritizing Manchester bands as well as bands playing there.

I don’t know about you, Fanatic, but it’s taken me several days to get my head around the fact that Mark E Smith is gone. Last night I had a dream about him where he wasn’t gone and The Fall were still making records.

In our second hour, we will be premiering the new Lowtide album Southern Mind. It’s out on February 16th on Rice Is Nice Records. As you know, we work with Rice Is Nice and were given the green light to debut the album, which we’re very happy to be able to do. Click here if you want more information.

It’s a good show we’ve got here. We hope you dig it.

–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. The Panik - Modern Politics / EP
02. The Fall - Muzorewi's Daughter / Dragnet
03. Buzzcocks - Time's Up / Time’s Up
04. Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition / Closer
05. Wire - In Manchester / Wire
06. The Birthday Party - Release The Bats / 1982 Hacienda, Manchester UK
07. Ludus - Patient / The Damage
08. PIL - Swan Lake (Death Disco) / 06-17-79 Manchester UK
09. Passage - A Certain Way To Go / Pindrop
10. The Mud Hutters - Taking The Biscuit / Factory Farming
11. Gods Gift - Nico / Pathology: Manchester 1979-1984
12. Diagram - Brothers My Dinner / Messthetics #106: The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982
13. Magazine - Shot By Both Sides (single version)

Hour 2
01. Lowtide - Southern Mind / Southern Mind
02. Lowtide - Alibi / Southern Mind
03. Lowtide - Elizabeth Tower / Southern Mind
04. Lowtide - A.C / Southern Mind
05. Lowtide - Olinda / Southern Mind
06. Lowtide - On The Fence / Southern Mind
07. Lowtide - The Fear / Southern Mind
08. Lowtide - Window / Southern Mind
09. Lowtide - Fault Lines / Southern Mind
10. No Sister - No News From Home / No Sister
11. The Clash - I'm Not Down / London Calling