KCRW Broadcast 468

Just to let you know, something to look forward to. I forget if I told you this or not but when I was in Melbourne weeks ago, I spent about four hours at Strangeworld Records and ended up getting a lot of vinyl. I've been getting through a few LPs a day and there's not a bad on in the bunch. Our mid-April shows will start to show these new tracks. Very excited about being able to bring all this new music to you. I think you’re going to like the bands.

Thanks to Ben over at Kill Rock Stars for sending over the new Lithics album Mating Surfaces, A GREAT ONE! We'll be getting into that one in April. You can check them out here. It's 0706 hrs. on Friday and I'm listening to this one for the second time in 24 hrs.

Also, Cold Beat from Northern California. Another great band. We'll be getting into their music in April as well. Don't wait, check them now.

Also, Dion Lunadon. Wow! Great record.

Fanatic, we've got SO MUCH new music to check out. I have to stay focused and get all of it together and get it to you over the next several months. That's the test!

Have an analog weekend and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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