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I have obviously been hanging out with Sun Ra and switched the notes for two of our shows out here on the road. So, you had tonight's show notes posted last week. I am sorry about that. So, again here they are, the notes for tonight's Jazz show. It's a great one. I am sitting backstage in Newcastle at the moment. I spent all day ay John Esplen's home/record store. I got some great Clash live albums and some singles I can't live without. I never leave his place empty handed. Thanks for listening and I hope you like the show. I should go now as I am onstage in a few. Stay Fanatic!!!



I am sitting on the tour bus outside tonight’s venue here in not all that sunny London, England. I am three shows into the tour and so far, things are going well. The weather isn’t all that great but it so far has not kept us from getting to the shows. I got to Dublin, Ireland from Timbuktu a few days ago.
The Desert Festival was good not great. The festival site had been moved closer to Timbuktu and that made the whole event a lot less special for me but the music was good and people were friendly, but having so many western acts on the bill was distracting to me.
I am glad to be back on tour and look forward to hitting stage every night. There’s not much choice on that one, there’s hardly any days off, just the way I like it.
Back by popular demand is night of Jazz music. It is another one of our Jazz Juggernauts and it cannot be stopped. One of the more gratifying things about this show, and there are many, is the letters I get from Fanatics requesting more Jazz music. I’m no expert in the genre, just a Fanatic but it’s so great to know that amongst you, there is such great interest. So, tonight, we bring you another gathering of great music. I think this might be the best batch yet. We decided to keep things on the outer edges and stay away from the more traditional. I don’t think there’s anyone here you are not familiar with. Of all these great artists, it’s Eddie Gale that was the most recent discovery. A few years ago, a Fanatic wrote in and asked if I had any Eddie Gale records. I wrote him back and told him no, that I only knew the name. He wrote back and suggested Black Rhythm Happening and Ghetto Music. I got them both and was glad that I did.
I am out here with Road Manager Ward, who is a fount of information on music. He has informed me of some really great re-issues coming out in the next few months from Jazz to Avant. I will see what I can pick up out here. I have high hopes for Germany.
I’ve got Gaye Advert, Segs Jennings, Dave Ruffy and Rat Scabies on my guest list for tonight, so you know I am stoked. Hail the Jazz Juggernaut and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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01. Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch / Out To Lunch
02. Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp/ William Parker - The Dark Of Day / Cama De Terra
03. Don Cherry - There Is The Bomb / There Is The Bomb
04. Ornette Coleman - Happy House / The Complete Science Fiction Sessions
05. John Coltrane - Cosmos / Live in Seattle
06. Albert Ayler Spirits 7:56 Bells-Prophecy Jazz
07. Archie Shepp - The Magic Of Ju-Ju / The Magic Of Ju-Ju
08. Eddie Gale - The Gleeker / Black Rhythm Happening
09. Sun Ra - Sleeping Beauty / Sleeping Beauty
10. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Proverbes (I, II & III) 1969-1970