KCRW Broadcast 471

Fanatic! As I have told you too many times, I put our shows together according to temperature and light cycle. I built this show in Australia and Los Angeles. Both environments were warm to hot. The songs arranged as they are, make sense to me.
Right now, I’m in Chicago. 34F! If anyone’s listening in this kind of climate, I hope you like the show. I got here yesterday and it totally threw my climate/listening balance off!
Soon, I’ll be in Germany for a few days, where it seems to be a little warmer than this.
Records I’ve been checking out:
La Contra Ola
Cold Beat
Brian Case
I’m digging all these and we will start tracks with some of them next week and all of them by the end of the month.
Also, on the 22nd, we start in with new music by Drinks.
Okay, out into the cold I must go.
Rock over London! Rock on Chicago!
--Wesley Willis
Rock the jam session and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry
Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi
Hour 1
01. Ty Segall - The Main Pretender / Freedom's Goblin
02. The Green Child - 46 Timelines / The Green Child
03. Escape-ism - I Don't Remember You / Introduction To Escape-ism
04. Total Control - Vote Cops / Laughing At The System
05. Living Eyes - International Fashion / Modern living
06. Discharge - Realities Of War / Protest And Survive
07. Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules / Heavy Metal Soundtrack
08. The Ruts - Staring At The Rude Boys / Grin & Bear It
09. The Birthday Party - Guilt Parade / The Birthday Party
10. Les Maledictus Sound - Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly / Attention
11. Sort Sol - Hurricane Fighter Plane / Fog Things
12. The Adverts - Television's Over / Radio Sessions
13. John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chiiin' / Boogie Chillum
14. Air Miami – Airplane Rider / Wakefield Vol. 2
15. Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch / Out To Lunch
Hour 2
01. Public Enemy - Public Enemy  #1 (demo) / tape
02. Prince Jammy – Jammy's On The Move / Fat Man Presents
03. Guerilla Toss - Eraser Stargazer Forever / Eraser Stargazer
04. The World - It Takes 2 / Managerial Material 7"
05. The  Minutemen - More Joy / Joy
06. The Shangri-Las - Maybe           / Myrmidons Of Melodrama
07. Alan Vega Trio - The Werewolf / Cubist Blues
08. Jimi Hendrix - Burning of the Midnight Lamp (mono) / singles
09. The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks (original mix) / L.A.M.F. Definitive Edition
10. Sex Stains – Crumbs / Typical Girls Volume 2
11. Dinosaur Jr. - Little Fury Things / You're Living All Over Me
12. The Cramps - Five Years Ahead Of My Time / How To Make A Monster
13. eX-Girl – PUYO / Kero! Kero! Kero!
14. Candace - RTZ Baby / New Future
15. Sand - Touch the Tyrants / Desert Navigation