KCRW Broadcast 475

Fanatic. It's May already! I hope you had a good April and that you got what you wanted out of RSD 2018. I wish they wouldn't make some records in such small runs. The flippers make it hell for fans all over. I think that was the case with the 100% amazing David Bowie live set Welcome To The Black Hole 3LP set. That one should just be out for people to buy at decent price because Fanatic, you really need that one.

Have you heard the new Sleep album, The Sciences? I've been self-prescribing one play a day and I'm feeling great. It is so good.

It's not for me to steal any band's thunder but I will say that at this moment, I'm listening to a new and unreleased album and I must say, we're going to have a great time playing tracks from this one, whenever it's released. This is but one of a slew of great new records that we'll be rocking later this year. Have you seen the heads up for the new Arndales album Shops? It's so great. Another happening release from ours pals over at In The Red. Loving this album.

And then, right now, at 1133 hrs. today, Friday May 4, I get an email informing me that Tony Kinman of the Dils, Rank and File, Blackbird and Ford Madox Ford, to name a few of the bands he was in, has passed away. The Dils singles were some of the first Punk records I ever had. You're Not Blank is one of the best songs to come from the California punk scene. A great musician.

Two well-in-advance heads ups:

  • Molly Nilsson is opening for MGMT at the Palladium on May 18 
  • Mdou Moctar @ Zebulon May 19 

Fanatic, as you can see, we, as always, have put together a rockin' show here. I'm working on the June shows now. My schedule is such that I have work well in advance. This particular show was constructed in a hotel room in Berlin. No matter where I go, there's always radio stuff to work on. I find that to be a good deal.

Please keep listening and stay Fanatic.
–– Henry

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