KCRW Broadcast 476

Fanatic! I don’t know if this concerns you but several minutes ago, I got an e-mail from Zebulon saying that due to visa problems, the Keiji Haino/Peter Peter Brötzmann shows on June 8 & 9 have been postponed. Did you have tickets? I did! Both nights. Ugh. That means I will be reporting to the Wiltern on the 8th for the Sleep concert.

Two well-in-advance heads ups:

  • Molly Nilsson is opening for MGMT at the Palladium on May 18 
  • Mdou Moctar @ Zebulon on May 19

Check out our first track, new Nun. I’ve been given permission to play this one song from their upcoming album Dome. We’ll get at the rest when we’re given the green light.

We have confirmed Sunday June 3 for a broadcast that Ian MacKaye, Engineer X and I put together several days ago. It was Ian’s idea. We set up the mics and swapped stories about the Black Flag tour of the UK in December of 1981. Ian came along as part of the road crew and observer. It’s all put together and ready to go. I went to KCRW recently and did all the promos for it. Should be great!

I’ve been off the road, working on two books. We finished the copy edit on one last week and the other is in fourth draft. I’m going to try to get it to copy edit by the end of this month. All this book editing activity has me staring at a computer screen for hours. This is has given me an opportunity to get some good listening in.

Here’s a partial list:

  • Alan Vega - New Raceion (Digging Diamonds 2018 issue) LP 
  • My Cat Is An Alien & Joëlle Vinciarelli ‎- Eternal Beyond (art edition, ltd. To 30 LP 
  • Alan Vega - Deuce Avenue (Digging Diamonds 2018 issue) LP
  •  Alan Vega - Power On to Zero Hour (Digging Diamonds reissue) LP 
  • Welcome - Sirs LP
  •  Harry Howard and the Near Death Experience - Sleepless Girls LP 
  • Keiji Haino / Brötzmann / O'Rourke - Two City Blues 1 LP 
  • The Cramps - Hogwild At the Nashville Rooms (white vinyl) LP 
  • Brian Eno - Another Green World LP
  •  Television ‎– Live At The Old Waldorf - San Francisco 6/29/78 LP 
  • Gun Club ‎– Live At Manila Club, Florence, Italy 11-26-83 LP
  •  Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won LP 
  • Est - Just Not True! / Red TV 7” 
  • Meat Thump ‎– Metal Gun / Left To Rust 7” 
  • Whirlywirld - Window To The World / Moto Signals 7” 
  • Jay Reatard / Deer Hunter split 7” 
  • Cold Beat - Worms 12” 
  • Straightjacket Nation - Straightjacket Nation 12” 
  • Gruppe Nuova Consonanza ‎– Improvisationen LP 
  • Dinosaur Jr. - Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not (test pressing) LP 
  • Sleep - The Clarity (green vinyl) 12” 
  • High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis (red vinyl) LP

Fanatic, we have a great show for you. If you look below, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I hope you dig it and listen from start to finish at least twice!

Fire up your system and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Instagram: HenryandHeidi